A device matching the model number of the upcoming Galaxy Alpha has just been spotted undergoing certification at the FCC, which gives us additional information regarding the device. The certification documents reveal dimensions of 133 x 67 mm, which indicates that the Galaxy Alpha is smaller than the Galaxy S5, which features dimensions of 142 x 72.5 mm.

There is no indication as to how thin the device is, although a set of leaked images from earlier this month highlighted the fact that the Galaxy Alpha is thinner than the 7.6 mm thick iPhone 5s. Other features ousted by the FCC filing include Bluetooth 4.0 LE, NFC, dual-band Wi-Fi, and presence of LTE bands 2 and 5, which makes sense considering the device undergoing certification is the European version of the device with a model number SM-G850F. In the US, the device is allegedly going to be available via AT&T and T-Mobile.

The Galaxy Alpha is set to be officially announced on August 13, with the actual availability slated for a month after the unveil. The accelerated timeline is said to be favoured by Samsung as the South Korean manufacturer looks set to focus its attention on the launch of the Galaxy Note 4 at the IFA in a month's time.

Source: FCC; Via: SamMobile


Reader comments

Samsung's upcoming Galaxy Alpha passes through the FCC


I prefer, for many reasons, the LG G3 A between these smaller display devices (if, hopefully, released in the US).

They fall into the most desirable size sweet spot.

I notice that G3 fans are pimping this phone hard, in articles that have nothing to do with the G3. Why is that?

Samsung is really going to go after the iPhone hard and on both fronts (sizes) in September.

It is gonna be interesting to see.

I love these 4.7" screen devices because the

Device Height can be as low as 5.1" or 5.2"

for a pocket sized Phone with Flagship or

close to Flagship power and Camera Specs.

Fewer broken screens.

I think there is a lot of confusion between the

S5 Neo and the S5 Alpha .

Personally , I would rather have plastic frame

and larger Battery than Metal Frame with a

smaller Battery.

BOTH Devices and high end Pocket Sized 4.7"

Screen Devices are Great IMO - keep Device

Height at 5.2" or less - specs High and Market

to Active, Athletic people who do not or can not
carry a Phablet !

All you people who want a huge phone should

also have that.....

I don't think anyone knows the exact

differences between Neo and Alpha- with

Samsung's funny Ads about wall huggers - I

don't think Alpha will have a smaller Battery

than NEO or Mini ?

So 1700 Mah Battery sounds too low.

Hopefully MOST of this will be clarified on Aug.

13 with availability soon.