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While the world -- including us -- will continue to question how successful a PMP can be in todays smartphone world, Samsung has gone ahead and introduced a new one. Following leaked information on the device just over a week ago, Samsung has made the Galaxy Player 5.8 official. And yes, the 5.8 does stand for 5.8-inch. This thing is huge. It also shares more than a hint of the same design language as Samsung's current flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S 3

That 5.8-inch display has a 960x540 resolution, which sounds pretty poor in comparison to the company's smartphone displays, but to keep something such as the Galaxy Player affordable, compromises must be made. Like the phones however, the Galaxy Player 5.8 runs Android 4.0 and the latest version of Touchwiz. On-board storage is either 16GB or 32GB with the option to also add a microSD card to squeeze even more of your music and movies onto this thing.

There's also a front facing VGA camera, and a pretty sizeable 2500mAh battery powering the whole show. Without a cellular radio to drain it, battery life shouldn't be too terrible.

There are still details not confirmed, such as whether the rumored dual-core 1GHz processor is inside but given the accuracy thus far of the earlier leak, it isn't too hard to believe. And, there isn't a release schedule as yet. Given the timing of this announcement though, we wouldn't be at all surprised to see this behemoth gracing the Samsung booth at IFA 2012 when it kicks off later this week. 

Source: Samsung Tomorrow (Translated)


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Samsung officially unveils the Galaxy Player 5.8, pockets get ready to strain


This is true, but then it wouldn't be any different from the current Galaxy S 5.0 PMP, other than the actual design

what in the crap is this, this thing is the size of the galaxy note from the pics above....ok tea talk time, there should be a standard on screen sized for phones and tablets. not this inbetween crap. Phones should be at 5 inches ok we can do 5.3 like the Samsung Note. Tablets should stick to 7.5 inches and above because you don't wont a device where people are looking at it as a big phone(samsung Note) or a mini tablet. So a 5.8 screen size as a media player? you might as well just get a Note that way you can atlease call on it as using 5.8inches for all your ebook reading and watching Tv would get played out quickly because the screen is too small for heavy use of those things. If you're going to read a Ebook it atlease need to be the size of a small book, you're going to be sqinching at the eyes on devices like this. Pass

Why should there be a standard? Why is this size crap? As long as there's market for it, as long as Samsung thinks somebody's buying it, it's perfectly rational to release a device like this. At least for Samsung.
And 7" is a perfectly normal size, why the heck are you demanding at least 7.5" for a standard?!

because it makes sense that way you don't have a 4.5 inch screen but developers calling it a tablet. It's like laptops the screens are no smaller than 11 inches. Or personal desktops when the monitor if 15 inches and above. So yeah having a standard helps keep things pretty

That is what people originally said about the galaxy note. millions of those have sold since all the naysayers ridiculed it. Ignore the device if it bothers you.

I feel it is too large for my tastes, but am interested in seeing it. I still am using a 160gb ipod classic and am looking to replace it soon. Though, not having a device larger than 64gb and no memory slot takes apple out of the equation for me.

Choice and options are a good thing.

How about a price. Any ideas? I would love to give something like this to the kids over an ipod but the price has got to be right.

I've always been a fan of the Player. I have the 4 and 5, but almost always use the 5 because of excellent battery life - much better than the 4" version. It's nice to be able to use it for a Satnav (rant - what is so hard about making a satnav that works as well as an Android device running a satnav program???? NONE of them do - not even the $500 satnavs!), read or watch a movie or whatever without having to carry a full size tab or tie up my cell and run down the battery. The display might be getting a bit too big though. 5" is about right for easy pocket carry. I mean, I can carry my Nexus 7, but it's not very comfortable. With the 5" player I can forget I have it. Maybe 5.8 will be OK.

I don't really see the problem with introducing a product like this. It's basically a smaller tablet. For people that want a tablet that they can keep with them all the time. To PS3GamerName, depending on the price, it may make more sense to buy this over the Note. Not to say that you can't get the Note for a decent price if you shop around. There is a market for this however. I use my Galaxy S3 to read books all the time. This would be even better to read on. I watch movies on my Galaxy S3 all the time. This would be even better to watch movies on, despite the screen resolution (Im not as picky as most people). For the people that don't like, simple, DONT BUY IT lol

With all the fully/partially subsidized 7" options out and coming soon (Nexus 7, a new Kindle Fire, and rumored iPad Mini) Samgsung will be crazy to ask more than $250 USD for this thing. What were they asking for the original 5"? $300? Look how quickly that price dropped at Christmas last year.
I kinda like the size as a purely in-car device if the navigation works well (didn't on the 5" for me), but it's all gonna depend on price.


I hope Samsung sets the ptice lower. If they go any higher than $200, people can just get a Nexus 7. It'd be awesome if the GPS radios were better in the 5.8" because the GPS in the 5" is horrible for me. I'm still not liking the size and think manufacturers should keep phones and PMP's 5" or below.

Welcome, Samsung, to the 6-inch 16:9 class (all the rest, 854x480 dual-SIM "phablets"):

i9800 (Dapeng)
i9877 (Dapeng)
N9776 (Star)
N9880 (Star, Upai, Viewsonic)
Note5 F5 (Carpad)
Note5 F6 (Carpad)
Galaxy Tad P100+ (HDC)

I've just ordered one of these, and let me tell you, it took me hours to find cases that were not too small, not too large. The best mainstream case is probably the Garmin GPS Universal Case (010-10117-03), 6.5 x 3.5 x 1.5 inches. Thankfully, Samsung's 5.8-inch model will probably introduce a slimmer case that's ideal for these phablets.