Galaxy Victory 1

Sometimes it’s easy to overlook the quieter Android launches, like the low-key release of the Samsung Galaxy Victory 4G LTE earlier this week by Sprint. It’s a 4-inch budget-friendly device that Sprint is touting as one of their most affordable LTE-capable options, and it's in stores now. For $100 on contract, you can’t really go wrong with that the Victory has to offer; It’s got a 800 x 480 display, a Snapdragon S4 MSM89610 Lite processor, 4  GB of internal storage, and ships with Android 4.0.4 onboard. It’s also got a decent 5 MP rear camera, 1.3 MP front shooter, and Samsung’s signature TouchWiz interface. We took a brief look at it last night here in New York—hit the break for our knee-jerk reactions.

The Victory is noticeably lower-end than than Samsung’s current flagship, the Galaxy S 3, but its also noticeably cheaper. And for $100, it offers quite a bit for your buck. Performance was snappy and call me crazy, but that display isn’t nearly as bad as you might assume. It’s also NFC-capable, with both S Beam and Google Wallet onboard. Unfortunately, the big downside here is a flimsy-feeling plastic finish and a rather bulky and stout footprint—this is definitely last generation’s design, maybe even older.

While it’s a solid offering for the price, especially if you’re a Samsung fan, there are better options out there with the same pricetag, including the absolutely incredible Droid RAZR M on Verizon. For diehard Sprinters, though, the Victory is definitely a bargain worth looking at, which is exactly what we'll do in our full review.


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Samsung Galaxy Victory 4G LTE hands on


That's an amazing phone for $100. It blows away the phone that's actually in the hands of most people today.

Why cripple it with only 4gb. MOTOROLA just came out with a 99 dollar phone in the RAZR M that Imo seems really nice.

It really seems like a solid phone minus the storage space.

My blaze has 4gb, 2 are for system storage that includes thr actual os and apps get installed there then there is another 2gb set as the "sd card" where you can move apps to but its not the sd card you can remove, that is set as "external sd"

This phone doesnt have 4gb, it has only 2gb partition for apps, it seems the partition with the os is completely inaccessable, anyone know the deal with this?

Not only that,there is no way to move apps to the sd card.. Wtf?

Galaxy Victory...hmm...obviously they were really hoping for a different outcome in the fight against apple...then again perhaps not

my phone is Samsung Galaxy SII GT-I9100JPKG2-CL342890
android 2.3.3
please update android 4 or up.
Thankyou .

Running the Sprint ID app on a phone with an alternate UI reverts it to the stock launcher. This is also the case with the Sprint Galaxy S II.