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Touch-sensitive area of chassis might work as a shutter button, new camera modes also reported

In the run up to next Monday's Galaxy S5 launch event in Barcelona, a few more details about the upcoming Samsung flagship are starting to trickle out online. Today Samsung fansite SamMobile, which has previously unveiled portions of the GS5's software, says it's gotten hold of some details about the handset's camera capabilities. Echoing earlier rumors, the blog says the GS5 will feature a 16-megapixel camera, as well as 4K recording at 30 frames per second and 1080p at 60fps.

But more interestingly, there's a claim that the Galaxy S5 will feature a new technology called "side touch." A touch-sensitive on the lower right side of the case will work like a capacitive shutter key, though its use will apparently be limited to certain camera modes. The "side touch" feature could give users a more natural way to take photos, and it's also possible that Samsung might choose to use this touch-sensitive area in other apps outside of the camera experience.

SamMobile also reports that the camera app itself has been redesigned, likely to fit in with the visual overhaul present elsewhere in the device's software. Besides that, we're looking at an extensive array of shooting modes, with some new additions. "3D Tour Shot" will appearntly let you create "interactive tours of your surroundings." "Focus Select" sounds a lot like Nokia's refocus camera tool, or Sony's background defocus app, letting you change depth of field on the fly. "Auto portrait" lets you take a selfie using the rear camera. And interestingly there's apparently an "Aqua" mode for shootig underwater — though no word yet on whether the device itself will be waterproof.

Whatever form the Galaxy S5 takes, we'll be live from Barcelona on Feb. 24 to bring you full coverage of Samsung's next big thing.

Source: SamMobile


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Samsung Galaxy S5 could use 'side touch' camera button


Thanks for clearing that up although I believe it clearly didn't need any clarification because it was really obvious. O.O

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Wasn't obvious to me. I don't look that closely at the back of a phone I don't have.

For the record, the Note 3 already possesses the 4K recording at 30 frames per second and 1080p at 60fps. I just wanted to clear that up, as the article reads like this is being touted as new is all. :)

Well, if this rumour is true, it can't be. Plastic and capacitive sensors don't get along very well. It just might be that they will get the screen bent all around the edge, like the prototype they showed off at CES last year.

Interesting that there's been capacitive sensors...aka buttons...on plastic phones from the dawn of smartphones to the current SGS4/GN3. They work just fine together.

This would be a really good idea, because then you wouldn't have something sticking out and possibly ruining the grip and feel. Maybe one on the back too (almost like what the LG G2 has, but not a physical button) for the inner selfie Olympics contesters out there

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GS5 will be amazing, but I'm waiting on the GS6 :) my GS4 will keep me going tell then.

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Yep, got a year left on my contract in the s4 but I think I will wait it out for s6 unless the s5 truly does something I want that the s4 can't but 99% I'm sticking to s4. Was laggy at the beginning but with updates it's become a great phone.

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I did the same thing sorta with the sgs3. Nothing last year was that big of a jump until I went all in with the Note 3.

I was going to wait for the Note 5 to upgrade but I am in a spark area with Sprint and the Note 3 doesn't support it

Kit Kat tastes like Jellybeans. Can't tell them apart...

Maybe they beleive the 'side touch' will be more intuitive? I really would like Android OEM's to use physical camera buttons however.

More intuitive? No. A shitty solution. Phones used to have camera buttons and they all dropped them. The two-stage shutter button is awesome and I'm glad Microsoft requires it in the WP spec.

Htc m8 all the way
It's gonna be better but people will still over buy Sammys stuff because of the name

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Not just because of the name but because of the removable battery and SD card

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Removable battery an sd card is exactly why I remain a Samsung customer. I like the easy transferability of sd cards, no usb cable or pc necessary to transfer files, just take the memory card out and insert it in the new phone.

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That argument is getting older, no one cares anymore about removable battery! Normal customer just buy it for it's name!

I buy it for all the features that they pack in the phone. Everyone else calls it bloat, but once you really use them, you won't want anything less.

Only reason i got my s4 was for the sd card.. all phones are similar but sammy is going to keep al long as i have that sd card

I've never had a phone with micro SD.

Sent from inside a cave. Yes, T-Mobile covers caves. N5

No, the vast majority of people seriously do not care about those features. Those are "features" for power users, Samsung phones sell so well because they're nice phones and they spend more than almost anyone else on advertising. You battery and SD card people need to stop confusing what you want in a phone with what everyone else wants in a phone.

You are ONE person, you are representative of one persons thoughts & views.

Perhaps Android Central should do a poll.

Posted via my T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S4

Every portable electronic device, EVERY single portable device has always had a user-accessible battery prior to the Iphone. It is a design flaw.

Posted via my T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S4

So because you say no one wants it then it must mean the majority don't want it.. The truth is we don't really know. But considering people have been use to having removable storage on there tech from cameras early smartphones etc maybe people don't use it as much now but they may just be use to having such a feature. Sd cards for a sales person is so easy to sell example you can pay £50+ to double your built in storage or get a phone with a sd card get a 32gb card thrown in for free. So many ways for the sale person to sell a sd card slot.

Posted via Android Central App using galaxy s4

I bought the sgs4 for its name after owning an htc one and its really not that bad :) it gets too much hate in my opinion. Though now my current moto x shows how smooth a phone can be

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Great Idea! I hope that more phones introduce touch sensitive areas around the phone for different functions such as this. The possibilities are numerous.

@buj_14 explain going by rumors is the m8 way better then the s5...Especially with that damn bezel on the m8

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The word "gimmick" is becoming just as overly used an abused internet language as the word "troll" is.

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How so? By what logic? I rarely see the word when I surf the web, unless it's describing yet another Samsung product. A touch-sensitive camera button? The only way I could see that being more reasonable than perhaps a two-stage shutter button would be if this were combined with the inevitable fingerprint sensor. These gimmicks (oh, I've said it again) are the reason Samsung's prices are so jacked up. Nexus? No gimmicks. Reasonably priced. Moto? No gimmicks. Reasonably priced.

Bought a Samsung Galaxy S3 as my first smartphone because I bought into the mentality that it was the best device at the time. Never again Sammy.

Are you saying that Samsung phones are not worth it because of price or functionality?? Your logic reminds me of the various Amazon reviewers that give a product a low review because they didn't get it on time or they received the wrong color. Has NOTHING to do with how the product functions! And by the way, my S3 functions GREAT!!

My logic does not even come remotely close to that type of logic. What I'm saying is that a physical button would produce the same, if not better (two-stage) functionality of a touch-sensitive shutter "button" at probably less than half the price of the component. My logic has everything to do with functionality. Your accusations are coming out of left field.

By the way, my Galaxy S3 is humming along perfectly fine as well! Thank you for alluding to that. You know, aside from the fact that I can no longer ditch Touchwiz. Silly Samsung. Silly Verizon.

It was the best phone at the time so you were right.

Gimmicks for you = features for me.

And for the last time, the Nexus and Moto X were paid for by Google. They are 600$ that Google picked up part of the tab.

Every phone comes in at around the same price point (flagships) so no the "gimmicks" do not add to the price tag

After a little research, you're right. Motorola and Google forwent some of their profit to deliver low-cost phones. The Galaxy S4's estimated production cost came in at roughly $20 more than the Moto X.

Thankfully there are a few more choices for top-of-the-line smartphones now. I felt stuck with buying the Samsung Galaxy S3, even six months after the release.


There are going to be tons of good choices, and that should mean that there will be a phone for every need without too many compromises

Kit Kat tastes like Jellybeans. Can't tell them apart...

Sounds similar to how Oppo handled the back Touch Panel on the N1. This will be interesting to see.

It's like ppl just want plain ass phones, or just hate who ever is on top... The hate for Samsung on this forum is like how floyd mayweather gets hated on bad on numerous boxing forums

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All 1,000 remaining boxing fans?! Kidding. Anyway, people hate on Sammy for blatant plagerism, shady business practices, and a throw it at the wall and see what sticks mentality regarding Touchwiz. All of which are very valid reasons. Fortunately for Sammy (and Android) they are VERY good at marketing.There are haters and fanbois of every brand in existance regardless of their market position or any logical conclusion. Get used to and/or over it?

Can someone please explain to me why Samsung deserves so much hate in this community besides for their sub par build quality?

usually from a packed subway car

who cares what it "could" have. kinda tired of all the rumors. it "could" turn into a decepticon, it "could" be used as a deadly weapon, it "could" be used to change a tire. Bring on the specs.


Kit Kat tastes like Jellybeans. Can't tell them apart...

Camera button that's good. I don't know why most android phones don't have one.

Posted via Android Central App Sony Xperia Z2.

I went from a note 3 back to an iphone. Yes it was hard to deal with smaller screen but the battery actually lasts through the day easily. Apps crashed on android often. I could be out walking listening to music on spotify, beats music etc and they crash. With siri i can leave phone in pocket and play any song i want as well as answer messages with voice while walking my dog. I know iphone isnt perfect for everyone but i want a phone that actually works well throughout an entire day on a charge. My girl prefers the customizable android platform but im an adult and dont really care too much. I dont see why android fans hate on apple when its such a well made product. I think both platforms offer something and it would be awesome of they both could take each feature people like about the other and combine them. Android also needs something as seemless as icloud and itunes where you can back up all your data. Its a pain in the butt to use android in my opinion. I built tons of computers before and used to like all that but im an adult now i just want something that works and works for my lifestyle.

There are so many ways to tell that you are full of crap in that one long paragraph that I do not even know where to start. So I won't.

You are full of crap.

I... don't know what to say.
Bollocks, bollocks everywhere.

My device went through hell to send this message.

Cool story bruh, and not at all off topic

Posted using my Galaxy Note 3 via Android Central App

Just another feature that'll be forgotten about. Samsung phones need 3gb of ram just to run these days with all the bloat.

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OMG! That statement is so TRUE. Why have I never heard anything like this before?

Oh wait, I know why, because it is a myth.

Why else does a phone as powerful as the note 3 have slow downs and lag? You saying you use all the features on yours? No completely unnecessary ones? Hmmm.

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Why not fit a dedicated 2 stage camera key, like Nokia? While you're at it, lets have a proper flash and OIS.

I'm on my second Sammy phone, but they should really forget Apple and copy Nokia instead.

Awesome AC.