It looks like Samsung is gearing up to announce a new Galaxy smartphone. The Samsung Galaxy Mini -- also known as the S5570 -- takes on a whole new look from its older brothers. This Froyo phone sports a smaller form factor with a 110.42×60.76×12.68mm build. But the 240×320 screen resolution is nothing to go crazy over, though. Other features regular like Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n are included as well as bluetooth and microSD slot. No word on a release date or carrier. We're pretty sure Mobile World Congress will reveal some more info about this little nugget. [Samsung Hub]


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Samsung Galaxy Mini breaks cover


People need to stop crying about "where's froyo, wheres's froyo for my captivate?"

It's getting old. Stroll on over to XDA and load it yourself. I'm sure you are very capable.

I disagree. People should be wondering where Froyo is because now they're 2 versions behind, and, according to rumours, version 2.4 might be out before they get 2.2. That seems like something to be a little perturbed about. This whole fragmentation thing is actually making me consider getting an iPhone 5 unless it doesn't have a bigger screen, HSPA+, and a better camera (which it won't so Inspire 4G here I come).

I used to like Samsung phones but seeing how slow they are to roll out updates I'll stick with htc. No use to getting a great looking phone if it doesn't get updates.

If they repeat the behold II fiasco, this thing will get one minor update and be left to die... even if it can support more updates.

They are not being slow to update the Samsung Galaxy S phones to 2.2. They just aren't going to. They want you to buy a new phone, which tons of people will do. The people who are up to date on all things android make up a very small portion of the android community. Samsung knows this and doesn't really care about us.

That being said, this phone will sell well as I know a bunch of people who don't like the huge size of some of the new phones. They want a smart phone but a small one and here it is.

this makes sense. they are releasing phones like crazy right now and every one of them has 2.2 or better. I had no idea Samsung was so good at screwing over their customers. just release the dam thing already.....

I disagree. They'll get there. They'll just take their sweet time doing it. They finally updated the Moment to 2.1, after 8 months, but they did it. Of course 2.2 was out just about when they got the update in...

Not ugly if you are a 13 year old teenager... It'll sell. And it will boost the already climbing android numbers.

There is no way that Samsung is not updating the Galaxy S phones to 2.2. There is no way they are expecting customers to buy now phones from them if they did not upgrade 2.2 for the Galaxy S, there is just too many other phones out there for people to choose from. So relax but it is alright to be upset....we are talking about a company that produced accessories for the Galaxy S that are optimized to work with 2.2. It is coming I am sure of it, but the only problem is if it does not come before the Bionic comes out, then I will never experience 2.2 on my Samsung Fascinate. Also if that happens I probably will not purchase another Samsung phone again.

And a different model # from the one here on android central, S5570 vs S5830 for the everything android.

Why call this a "Galaxy" phone? There's nothing innovative about it. Seems like a way to cash in on the small amount of cred they've built with the Galaxy S line. This phone just waters their brand down...

Note to Andrew...

For the most part, the readership here is from the U.S.A.

For the most part, we rejected the Metric system of measurement.

For the most part, we can't visualize 110.42 mm.

Please use INCHES.

LOL! So much for me thinking about getting a infuse! Samsung sure does like to screw over their customers. The whole galaxy s line lacks froyo, but this piece of crap has it? I'm speechless.