Looks like those rumors suggesting an imminent arrival of a LTE-A version of the Galaxy S5 were spot on, as Samsung has just unveiled the handset in South Korea. The device sports a beefier Snapdragon 805 CPU and a QHD display with a resolution of 2560x1440.

The 5.1-inch Galaxy S5 LTE-A boasts a pixel density of 577 ppi, beating out the LG G3's 538 ppi. The phone comes with the Snapdragon 805 SoC, which offers a 2.5GHz quad-core Krait 450 CPU and an Adreno 420 GPU that includes desktop-level features like tessellation and geometry shaders. The presence of a Gobi MDM9635 modem allows you to download at 225 Mbps.

The amount of RAM has also been increased from 2GB on the standard Galaxy S5 to 3GB on the LTE-A model. Other hardware details remain the same, with the device sporting a 16MP ISOCELL camera, 2MP front facing sensor and a finger and heart rate scanner. The GS5 LTE-A is also IP67 certified, rendering it dust and water resistant.

In terms of connectivity, you get Wi-Fi 802.11ac, Bluetooth 4.0, NFC, microUSB 3.0 and an IR sensor. While the QHD display and the faster LTE are all major improvements, we wonder how the device would cope with the 2,800 mAh battery, which is the same one used in the standard FHD version of the Galaxy S5.

Currently, the GS5 LTE-A is available exclusively in South Korea, with an estimated launch on SK Telecom scheduled for later this week for the equivalent of $919. The device will be available in five color variations: Charcoal Black, Shimmer White, Electric Blue, Copper Gold, Sweet Pink, and Glam Red.

Are you interested in a faster version of the Galaxy S5? Frustrated at having bought the standard version of the handset two months ago? Vent in the comments section below.

Source: Samsung Tomorrow (Flickr)


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Samsung announces Galaxy S5 LTE-A with QHD display, Snapdragon 805 CPU in South Korea


A faster Galaxy S5 hasn't been much of a secret. Also there is always something on the horizon. Who is not to say a S5 Prime won't be a carrier exclusive(unlikely).

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From the looks of it, it may never make it's way to the US. This is an exclusive for the home country.

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Yes it will be available on Korea only, Samsung always doing this to their flagship phone

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Out of interest, will it ACTUALLY be that much/if any faster?

Would be interested if anyone with the tech knowledge could chime in....because it seems to me that the slightly faster snapdragon 805 is probably 'cancelled out' in effectiveness by the fact that the handset is now having to power a quad hd screen instead of standard 1080p.


Canceled out? Hm. The Adreno 420 in the 805 is meant to be good for powering 4K screens. I'd think that the chipset itself won't be canceled out by having to pump a resolution higher than 1080p, which it's designed to do (even 4x the resolution of 1080p at 3840x2160). I don't think we'll see many tablets or smartphones using the 805 that have a 1080p or 1200p screen.

True, but I think the GPU, along with 3GB RAM, it's either gonna perform good or it's not and I expect it to perform good. Samsung's skins might be annoying and heavy, but I still read as many people saying their S5 is fast, against those that say theirs lags. I think a lot of people define lag differently. I always laugh in the initial 'hands-on' videos that YouTubers and journalists do at trade shows or announcement events when they 'test' the speed of the device by seeing how fast they can swipe through home screens - and if there's any lag from swiping. That's the unofficial Android speed test to some people.

Isn't that a good indicator of lag or lack of responsiveness? I mean....if you can't even swipe through screens smoothly....

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I dont think it will do that well honestly. Take a look at high end pc graphics cards. Even R9 290x's and 780ti's cant run games over 30 fps at 4k. Put-putting around the desktop or homescreens should be ok, but as soon as you open up a game or watch movies I'm pretty sure you'll notice a difference. A 1440p screen is about twice as hard to drive as 1080p

I'd like to see an honest review and comparison between these two S5 versions to see how well it actually fairs up. I mean c'mon this is Samsung, they do things cause they can. lol

Let's just get this out of the way now: this is an exclusive to Korea. No one else.

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Some European countries got the previous LTE-A GS4 (with Snapdragon 800 — GT-i9506) a couple of months after Korea. So there's also that precedent.

I can't lie. If a phone like that could make it's way around the world, that's pretty enticing. But then again, here in the States, our phone data service is no where near ad good as other countries, Luke Korea. It would be a waste of a phone here. Especially if your on Sprint.

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I'm kicking myself for reupping on Sprint when I had the chance to switch to Verizon. I have the Galaxy Note Pro LTE on Verizon, and the data speeds aren't even comparable. I frequently have to tether my phone off of my tablet.

Isn't the Gobi modem faster than 22 Mbps? Seems a digit short, I thought I saw something in the neighborhood of 220 Mbps.

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It actually says "upto 300 Mbps" in the Qualcomm site, and I think he meant to write 220 Mbps, which is probably the speed of this particular variant.

I would if I had a plane ticket to Korea and $919 to burn. :P

In all seriousness, though, the normal S5 with a 1080p screen and 801 chip should already be more than enough for daily use. So, there's absolutely no reason to upgrade if you already have an S5.

But you know some people. They'll find ways to bash Samsung.

My old S3 and S4 are more than enough for daily use, both do everything I need without a hiccup.

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To add to this, I still have a 3 year old Galaxy S2 (an unlocked GT-i9100G variant with an OMAP SoC) that still runs pretty well.

I made it to feel more like an S5 using a lock screen and launcher. I may consider rooting it and installing an S5-based ROM.

Yip,I too still have my trusty little s2. But the galaxy s5 roms out their are nothing to be excited about unfortunately :(

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They're running Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean, if I'm right.

Why they can't get it to work with KitKat is still a mystery.

Great phone - I know an older gentleman who doesn't really use smartphones who was given an unlocked GT-I9100 bought in Dubai two years ago and wants to use the phone. Running Android 4.1.2 with TouchWiz and the first thing I thought when showing him how to use the phone was that I really wanted to install CyanogenMod 11 KitKat on it. I did that for a friend who had a Rogers S2 LTE Skyrocket. Like I said, S2 is a great utility phone.

What if you were able to get this phone from importers like Negri Electronics or Expansys USA (and thereby saving the plane fare to buy me a Guiness)??

I'm wondering how the South Koreans who bought the original Galaxy S5 in their country are now feeling. I'd be really pissed myself seeing how after what two or three months later an improved version comes out. But that's Samsung for you in general.

So let's say you're a native South Korean who bought the original S5 two or three months ago - how do you now feel with this "new and improved" S5 just coming out? Especially if you paid full-price for the OG S5?

I'd think a lot of Koreans would wait for the better version of the phone if they liked the sound of this new one more than what the old one had to offer. Especially since I think a lot of the news and rumors of the S5 Prime came from Korean sources. I think a lot more people there would be up on those kind of rumors.

Of course I'd be pissed, but don't forget that the 801 chip in the S5 is already one heck of a beast and is more than capable for daily use.

You don't always need the latest and greatest, unless you are filthy-stinkin' rich and uses a phone like a handheld gaming console.

I'm sure the hip, trendy and image-conscious youth in the Gagnam part of Seoul totally disagree with you. My point is that Samsung is renowned for doing this - introducing a "flagship" S-series phone and then re-releaseing the S phone with updated specs. For the same money, if it were available in North America right now, would you honestly buy the the OG S5 or this new "improved S5"? There's talk of an "improved" LG G3 with a Snapdragon 805 SoC coming down the pipe so why even get the G3 when two months or so down the line a faster version is coming. Other than the Note series, its seem better to wait two or three months after a flagship phone from Samsung/LG/HTC to see if a revised version comes out. As to phones being used as a handheld gaming console - phones/tablets are becoming progressively more powerful - depending on your user case you can effectively replace a laptop/desktop for your computing needs. So why not wait the two/three months for the latest SoC?

Point taken.

I think it's pretty much predictable that Samsung and others like LG will launch a beefier version of their flagships some time after their launch.

As for me, I don't use my phone for extreme gaming. I have a PC, 360, PS3 and iPad for that. My phone is just a device for chatting, reading and consuming media and surfing the web. So, specs don't matter much to me. I can see where you're going, though.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but the type of game that most smartphone users are gonna play is a game like Candy Crush.

I like your style. Wait it out when you know a better phone is on it's way.


Oh, and to answer your question of picking the OG S5 or the beefier variant for the same price, it's obviously going to be the latter. It has better performance than the former for the same price.

Its really a question of timing for me personally. I can wait out two/three months after a flagship comes out - I don't expect anything to happen with the Note 4 myself but you never know right?

It kinda happened with the Note 3.

I said kinda because instead of a beefier phone, it was actually a downgraded version.

Remember the Note 3 Neo?

A better phone is ALWAYS on it's way. But people get caught up in specs so much that as soon as a "faster" phone drops, they run to the store and get one. I just think we're at the point with our phone technology that people need to worry more about the look and overall feel of a phone and if it suits there taste more than if it's running a 801, 800 or 805.

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I agree that a better phone is always on it's way. That hasn't changed at all while technology constantly evolves.

The only thing that changed is the time of these new releases. During the days where the iPhone dominated, we were used to yearly releases. Now, a new phone with beefier specs can come just months after a flagship has launched. I attribute this to the increasing speed at which tech evolves. It's way too fast for us to keep up.

However, phones like the Moto X taught us that specs don't really matter. If your phone does the things you want it to do really well, even after 1-2 years, then there's little reason to upgrade.

Just my 2 cents.

Hah, as if Samsung is the only one to do so. Just a heads up. An 805 LG G3 will come very soon to Korea. Practically all Android OEMS are like this.

My "regular" S5 runs like a champ and does everything I need it to do and some. The only phone that might steer me away from this beast is the Note 4 coming out this fall. People are never satisfied with what they have in life.

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Amen. Even if this made its way to the States, I wouldn't be upset. I love my S5, it's already above and beyond what I need in a smartphone. There's ALWAYS something "bigger and better" coming out in a few months, that's kind of how technology works.

What's with these flagship phones getting upgraded months after coming out? Samsung, HTC and probably LG too.

Cause they know people will put the money out for it. People always want the latest and greatest. Getting a bit ridiculous if you ask me. Its a money game though.

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Good news! Waiting on the arrival of the GN4....

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This could be the specs of the upcoming note 4 and some additional "note only" TouchWiz features.

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Why should you be frustrated unless you're in korea ans u need to have absolutely the latest specs all the time? Doesn't make sense to me. Anyway that wallpaper at that resolution and super amoled will definitely turn heads

Except a Note 4 with a YOUM display. That is about the only way this is leaving my hands. A Note 4 that is just a slightly beefier version of the note 3 and I may just keep my upgrade and not bother...

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Why wasn't this phone the go to market phone. If all they had to do was wait 2 months to be able to get the 805 chip why not wait...

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And the all important upgrade cycle here in the states. Lots of S3 coming off contract and you had to have a S5 for them to go to...

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Sick of the Korea exclusives. First the built-in smartphone TV antenna, and now this!

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People take this stuff too seriously. Technology has always and will always progress faster than people's ability to keep up. It happened with the PC and processors and graphics cards and it's happening with phones. People need to get over always wanting the absolute latest, because the absolute latest is always coming right after you buy something.
Enjoy what you have. Worry about the next greatest thing when it's time for you to upgrade.

@Harish Jonnalagadda
Thanks for the cool post.
Samsung must ship the Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime to all over the world soon, because LG G3 is gona available soon............. no other option to hold Samsung s position in the first place.
Thanks in Advance

Battery not big enough.
Left Capacitive is still incorrect from the original S5. Menu button or gtfo. Note 3 is the last of the best.