So if you get the AT&T or Verizon version of the Galaxy S III, you won't be getting a free extra 48 gigbytes of online storage on Dropbox. That sucks, considering that our European friends have it, and presumably Sprint and T-Mobile will as well. (And it's little toughter for AT&T fans to swallow since you can only get the AT&T GSIII in a 16-gigabyte flavor -- OK, throw a microSD card in there, but still.) But, hey, that's the carriers' right. They don't want to pick up the tab, Dropbox doesn't want to give it away for free (not that we necessarily blame them after what some folks did with the SGSIII promotion), and so we won't be getting the extra free space, a fact Dropbox has been happy to advertise in its help forums:

U.S. AT&T and Verizon customers

Select carriers have opted-out of the promotion on phones otherwise eligible. Unfortunately, AT&T and Verizon are among these carriers not currently participating.

It's not like you can't get a buttload of free Dropbox space already, though, with the usual 2GB of initial space, plus another 500MB for each referral, up to 18GB. (And if you have a friend with an HTC One phone, you probably can finagle a bit more, too.) If it's not worth it to AT&T and Verizon in this case, them's the breaks. End of the world? Not hardly. And if you really do need that 50 gigabytes, you can always pony up the $9.99 a month (or $99 a year) in that old-fashion, capitalistic manner.

Source: Dropbox; thanks to everyone who sent this in!


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No extra free storage for AT&T and Verizon Galaxy S III owners! The horror!


It's only 25GB free for a year anyway. You would need to pony up and pay if you wish to utilize it fully in a year's time.

imagine that... the 2 biggest U.S. carriers have the highest rates, charge the most for their phones, have the most limited data plans and now this. just makes sense i guess. typical.

Oh look, yet another reason why we still need local storage.

SD needs to be standard on ALL Android phones. Google is insane for wanting to get rid of it. And Samsung is awesome for keeping it on the Galaxy S3.

hey... here is a simple solution... JUST GET A NEW CARRIER. ATT and verizon and getting to big for their own good and wield the power like they are Demi Gods. I say F-UM. if enough people just left they would have to change. I know i know, "but they have the best coverage".. maybe someone else could have better overage if they had more paying customer... :) win win.

You're obviously not in business. I can't afford to go with a carrier who can't offer me connectivity to my customers in some nebulous hope that in the future they expand their network. I'd lose more money in a day than 100GB of cloud storage would cost.

LOL, If I had to pay the ATT toll and live with their limitations, I'd not even have a business. ATT consistently posts the lowest scores in the industry, and that's rated by their own customers. Usually, when you pay premium pricing, you get premium services and have high consumer pride. ATT shatters this truism. Thumbs up for Sprint, no limits, decent coverage (and I live in the woods), superlative value and great devices. Sure, they're rebuilding their assets, but they have more reasons to stay, than to talk away.

I had ATT for 14 years, they stopped caring about 7 years ago and for the last three years, I cannot understand why anybody signs their contract. But I'm glad they do, don't need that kind of traffic competing for Sprint resources.

I had to switch away from Sprint cause they couldn't provide me more than 100kbps download speed with full bars of service. Does voice work? Yes... but that's about it.

Hi frettfreak! Just for information, I just dropped VZW and I went back to Sprint... VZW has no Good service inside my house or where I work, which I live in the middle of what VZW call it 4GLTE coverage area, at lease Sprint has signal inside my house with 3G.
So the coverage we getting, it depend on the location and on the device radio, not on the carriers names.

Yeah, if you don't travel a lot, the overall ratings are less important than how the carriers are in your specific area. If you have a job that sends you all over the place, you probably want Verizon, just because they'll be good in more areas than other carriers.

who cares about having that storage when you are only allowed a few GB of data every month anyway? expandable memory for the win! don't need wifi, don't need a data connection, don't burn your data. Cloud storage is a fad and will fade soon.

Your right. Which is my ongoing argument with these people who think cloud storage makes up for the gaps in memory.. If you not on wifi your basically committing suicide.

There are data caps on my home internet, so I cloud storage sucks there too... I'm all for it, when it pertains to one-off transfers. But, constantly using it for storage..? not so much.

A year ago I would have been right there with you. With tiered internet on two of the four largest carriers, I wouldn't laugh too hard about it.

Wouldn't prevent me from buying the device or make me switch carriers. I can't speak for everyone, but I have a 32GB card that travels from device to device with me. I'm rooted so most of my apps are on the card as are my pics and the pics that aren't are saved on G+. Google Drive gives you 5GB if I'm not mistaken and I hit up Box when they had their 50 free GB for android users special. I have more storage than I could possibly ever need. I'm not a prolific cloud user by any means, but if I have a wifi spot I can use close by, I will. If you have a 32GB card and a 32GB phone and you still need more space then I don't know what to tell you.

I'm not terribly concerned, being that the MicroSD is expandable up to 64GB anyway, and you can get up to 32GB on any of the American carriers, so with an initial investiture of something like an extra $100, you've got 96GB of space that you don't need a data connection for. Cloud hosting is neat and all, but I agree with earlier posters who prefer to carry their data on their person.

"...and you can get up to 32GB on any of the American carriers" What do you mean, AT&T's GSIII is only 16GB.

...Joe K.

Nice. Fix one limit, create six more.

That Corvette is not available in Navy, here is our line of Neons! We sell lots of these things to kids, you'll love it.

I thought Samsung was paying for the storage and not the carriers. If they were then how could Samsung announce it with all confidence. Doesn't add up!!

I don't know about AT&T but Verizon is now offering Cloud Storage for Media (Back Up Assistant Plus - 500MB) for free and up to 125GB for $9.99 a month so they probably don't want to offer a competitors service.

I use Dropbox on a daily basis, but their pricing sucks compared to Google Drive's... And after a year or two you'd have to face that if you're using the service a lot. Right now Dropbox is the more polished solution but I fear I may have to drop them eventually if they fail to compete (and survive).

That being said, it's very trivial to get up to about 6.5GB by taking their tutorial, linking with social media (dropbox.com/free, you can undo it later), and beta testing the auto photo upload feature for them (3GB just for uploading 2.5GB of photos using the feature on either desktop or mobile client). Getting the extra 16GB from referrals is also very simple if you use Adwords (Google it), so that's nearly 25GB altogether for free.

OTOH old Skydrive users such as myself got 25GB for free permanently by just logging into the service as they transitioned it into it's current iteration, and apparently an Android app is finally coming in July.

So for now I use Dropbox as my main cloud for stuff I'm currently working on and backing up my pictures off my phone (along with apps etc.), Skydrive as a more permanent backup solution for my desktop docs, and Google Drive only occasionally for document collab etc.

I expected AC and the other big Android sites to be a lot more critical of the carriers for doing this. After Samsung basically forced them to release the GS3 unchanged, we are beginning to find out the other ways the carriers will exact their 'revenge' on the users :)

I'm not sure there's any cost to the carriers as well, since Samsung is giving this to each owner, not just specific markets or carriers. The only reason VZW and ATT are doing this is they are afraid cloud storage will increase bandwidth usage for their unlimited plan users, esp after Dropbox announced video streaming.

I expect AC to at least ask the companies for official comment on why they are doing this.

Bet that 25 free gigs from HTC doesn't sound so scrappy now. Kinda usefull of you ever have something happen to your phone. I gots me unlimited so it's basically physical storage.

Really powerful phone, capped data, and extremely high pricing.??

Who says a sucker isn't born every minute?

Not Verizon or AT&T.

Get a wireless N router with a USB Storage port and a Solid State Drive and make your own Dropbox. It's not going to sync by itself without some software magic, but you'll be able to access it from anywhere. Tell Dropbox to go fly a kite!

I actually use my phone for more than storing pirated movies in the cloud, so I will stick with my adult carrier (Verizon) that actually has service where I need it and has customer service that has consistently exceeded my expectations. You get what you pay for and cell service is no different, despite what the cut rate carrier fans will try and tell you.

Are you freak'n for real? Are you REALLY claiming that the only use for 50GB is pirated movies? What color is the sky in the narrow minded world you live in?

You want to know the breakdown of my folders?

Phone camera pictures -> 4GB and growing.
Voice Notes -> just over 1GB.
Phone video -> 2.5GB
Backup of android apps and system settings -> 3.25GB
Convention related documents -> 1.8GB and growing
Steering group documents -> 800MB and growing fast.
Maintenance manuals for computer\printer systems 5.25GB
Maintenance manual for my car -> 1.5GB
Scanned and cataloged personal finance documents -> 4.5GB
Company SOP's and account documentation -> 1.75GB

Yep I'm scouring my folders for pirated movies. Nope not in the phone videos. Checking all my document folders.....nope not there. Maybe in the camera pictures....nope. Well damn. Wait! Maintenance manual folder! Well crap not there either. Seriously, grow up. Just because you don't use a cloud service to its full potential doesn't mean others do not.

Here's the deal. If you look at it as loosing 50GB of free storage a lot of people are blase about it, and just are all kinds of meh. Its 50GB after all. In the grand scheme of things its not that much space.
However look at it this way. I currently PAY for that 50GB per month. That is $199 that I could have saved over a 2 year period because of this. That isn't a small amount of cash all because ATT and specifically Verizon are being asstastic. And frankly its one of several reasons why I haven't bitten the bullet and transferred over to Verizon yet. I'm still mulling over which carrier is the least shitty, overall. Sadly its not about which carrier is the best. They all suck, IMNSHO.