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First Nexus Galaxy/Galaxy Nexus/Nexus Prime video, then screen shots and now, courtesy of P3Droid, is what is said to be the boot animation. It's running here on a Droid Bionic, so don't freak out if the phone looks familiar.

Source: Twitter

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Bestphonever says:

I'm loving all these Nexus/ICS leaks.

lilnate says:

hopefully you saw that its announcement has been delayed "shortly" was just breaking news like 45min ago guess its Steve Jobs related, which is classy since his funeral will be about that time.

Im guessing we should have another announcement date later today and im thinking its going to be on Wednesday, but probably Thursday since thats how long the CTIA event runs

Danrarbc says:

Yeah, the quote definitely makes it sound like that.

"Samsung and Google decide to postpone the new product announcement at CTIA Fall. We agree that it is just not the right time to announce a new product. New date and venue will be shortly announced."

Ronindan says:

I want it. ;-)

robaldred says:

Can't see this being the case, why would this guy randomly have the boot screen without the rest of ICS

opjones says:

Well open your eyes

jimmyk0789 says:

U need to follow p3droid in twitter

Dark_Blu says:

Cool. Be nice if the NEXUS DROID BIONIC PRIME 4G TOUCH is on Sprint by December 1st (DISCLAIMER- I know that's not the name of it. Just being sarcastic).

myriad46 says:

What is he using to run boot animations without actually restarting it? Has this always been able to be done on phones?

spacetug says:

He rebooted. Watch again; you'll see.

Xephik says:

He probably has a system rip of it. Nobody in their right mind would release the whole thing though until announcement.

El Jefe says:

I've never really understood why some people get so excited about boot animations. I can honestly say that I haven't even once paid attention to them on any phone I have ever used.

jimmyk0789 says:

P3droid is tha man with that phone lol

heathro1281 says:

The nexus boot still doesnt fix the pentile screen washout :)

moosc says:

P3 has held the prime p3 has the prime system dump. There is no Droid eye in that boot animation so no Droid prime.