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It was just yesterday that the update to Android 4.4.2 KitKat arrived via wired means for the Verizon Samsung Galaxy Note 3, and now it looks like that update is finally rolling out for those that prefer to update over-the-air. Which would be most of us, seeing as it's 2014. So if you have a Galaxy Note 3 on Big Red, we suggest firing up the Settings app and tapping on About Phone to see if there's a glorious update waiting for you too.

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KitKat update pushing over-the-air for Verizon Galaxy Note 3


Downloaded and installed with no problems. No issues so far. Visual voice mail updated its self, but no issues with it.

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I think I will wait a couple of days to update Verizon version of KitKat. I want to see if they got it right by responses from Android faithfuls....SMILE

Lol its like every week I hear something about verizon and the note 3 update

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Congrats all you Note 3 owners who have waited patiently for Samsung to finally get this thing done.

You misspelled Verizon. I will fix it for you:

Congrats all you Note 3 owners who have waited patiently for Verizon to finally get this thing done.

Your welcome

That's right, I forgot that Verizon is who writes the software for Samsung. Thanks for reminding me.

No, they write their own apps (vz navigator, vz tones, etc) that they need to take the time to integrate into the completed Samsung software. Then Verizon can hold it as long as they want in the 'certification' process.

Yes you did forget that Verizon writes their own apps and integrates them.

Just surrender, your fanboism cannot stand up to fact

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Good point. I guess that's why no other OEM has been able to update to Kit kat yet. Oh, wait, that;s right, the competent ones had Kit Kat on their phones months ago even with the vzw apps. But since you have a copy of that internal document showing Verizon's directive to hold up the certification process, it must be their fault. Can I see that document again? it didn't show up on my screen very clearly last time. Or is it your blind fanboyism that's actually clouding the facts here? Yep, its your blind fanboyism,

Samsung had kk out the same time that HTC had kk out for everyone.

Try again Skippy, you are still wrong.

Your right I have no document, but historically Verizon is last with updates and hold them up (rezound anyone?). Sure they get a few out in decent time, but those are the exception, not the rule.

Answer one question, why is the Verizon version out months after everyone else?

Don't say Samsung, they did their part and released it to the carriers months ago (proof? It has been released months ago by them). Samsung is not going to install proprietary apps for Verizon. Especially when some of those apps replace Samsung software. There is no way Verizon would give up the source code needed anyway.

You need some new material or at least an new chicken to keep farking

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Here's the thing. Verizon has their apps they will put on phones. I know it, you know it, everybody knows it. And by everybody, I mean Samsung too. If Samsung is unprepared for those apps(even though every other OEM seems to be able to work just fine with those apps) whose fault is that?
Verizon has their guidelines for what needs to happen to get an update pushed to a phone on their network. Again, everybody knows this. HTC even put out a document detailing the process. So if everyone knows there are guidelines, and again, Samsung is the only OEM who has problems working within those guidelines, whose fault is that?
You act as if Samsung released the update to Verizon and Verizon went "surprise! we're adding apps to your phone!"
The answer to your question-simple, it wasn't a priority for Samsung.
Your turn to answer a question. Why were some Verizon phones updated to KK last year(ahead of some Nexuses(Nexii?)) if Verizon's apps are such a problem and Verizon holds up updates.
I don't need new material, you just need to pull your head out of Samsungs rear. I'm sorry, but when the Note can't even beat the Droid Razr to getting the update, pointing the finger at Verizon is foolish at best.

First off, the note 3 got the update, before the RAZR.

Second off, Samsung releases the same build to all carriers, then they do with them whatever they want. Adding an app to the system folder has nothing to do with Samsung software. It is not Samsung job to meet Verizon guidelines, or vice versa. It is not Samsung job to put Verizon apps on the phone. That is Verizon job. I can tell that you know nothing about software nor development cycles.

You are trying to blame Samsung for not putting Verizon software on the phone. The flaw is that it is not up to Samsung to do it, that is Verizon job

You are still wrong

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If you count the soak test then the Razr got KK first. If you only count the OTA, they both got it the same day. Either way, the Note didn't get it first.
So it's not Samsung's job to meet Verizon's guidelines? Who's job is it then? Cookie Monster's? When Verizon tells the OEM what needs to be done to get the update it's nobody's job to make sure those things are done? Maybe that's Samsung's problem. They don't realize that someone actually needs to make sure the update fits within the guidelines. I'm not blaming Samsung for not putting Verizon software on the phone. I'm blaming them for not having their phone updated within the guidelines that Verizon gives them in a timely manner.
And you still haven't answered my question about how some phones got KK last year.

I have not kept up with the razr, but I could have sworn that it was just announced but whatever.

No it is not Samsungs job to meet Verizon guidelines. It goes like this


Now if there is a conflict between carrier software and the OEM stuff, they work together to sort it out. Verizon does not dictate software nor any other guidelines. Speaking of that, you speak of these mythical guidelines, can you point them out to me? Go a document for me to see? Show me where Verizon dictates to the OEM exactly what they need to do to get on Verizon. Got that handy?

Last year, Kit Kat was on Moto and Nexus devices. Why? Because they are close enough to stock that not a whole lot of modifications were needed. The M8, S4 and Note 3 were releasing all around the same time. Comparing the M8 and S4 is a better comparison, and they were within weeks of each other.

But you would think that Samsung would be able to let their users know that it's been sitting with Verizon for the last couple months they have enough pull that they could demand that updates be pushed out asap. It's both Verizon and Samsungs fault. I think Samsung should put out an upgrade/certification page like Htc so that way consumers see that it is in Verizon's hands and then the pressure is on Verizon to push it out.

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Installed yesterday via Kies. Everything works fine except for the visual voicemail app that didn't want to work yesterday but I guess it was a network problem because today it's working again. Happy with the update.

Downloading it now...though I wasn't really hurting by not having it. Nice to have the update though...

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Sprint Had it in February. Att was in march as well.

Verizon is the only one that held it back this long

Anyone know know if foxfi works? I know they recently updated foxfi to work with Samsung Android phones on 4.4 on vzw, but I've been hearing mixed reviews on that.

Verizon has the best of everything for last and Verizon does everything right I love verizon it's the best ever galaxy note 3. 4.4.2 Kit Kat

101 Andy 101

The only thing Verizon is the best at is ripping people off. AT&T 's service is just as good if not better and it's cheaper. I always have great service wherever I go whether it's in a big city or a small town.

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If you have unlimited data data still, as I do, then yes foxfi is still needed. Otherwise I'd have to pay big red another 30 bucks a month to use Hotspot.

My phone seems noticeably quicker and more responsive. I also like the new font implemented throughout the phone, most noticeably in the pull down notifications.

I haven't updated my note 3 because I've read that users have had lots of problems with it. (I'm Verizon, btw). Have others here had problems? What's in the update? Thanks.

I have had lots of issues. I bought my phone in November and never had any issues with it. The update came out in May and it screwed up my phone so bad they sent me a replacement. I had the replacement for 2 weeks and they had to send me another one. It doesn't seem like it affects the phone at first but then as time goes on it gets worse. Keyboard doesn't keep up with typing, alarms don't go off, phone powers down on its own, it takes 2 hours to send and receive text messages...etc.

Im having problems with 4G...antenna is not displaying on status bar correctly. Handscent is acting funny. So far, a little concerned.

Having lots of problems with my Note 3 on Verizon after taking the KitKat OTA upgrade last night. Alarms don't work, SMS is broken, Google Hangouts notifications are busted, overall sluggishness, the OS burned 50% of my battery overnight even though I was in Power saving mode (used to be 10 to 20% maybe). Called Verizon Tech Support, they said a lot of people were calling in with similar problems and that Google will be issuing a fix "shortly". I'm wishing now that I'd held off for a few days.

Having the same issue usually have to restat my phone and its fine but very annoying.....anyone else with any issues

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I'm with AT&T and haven't had a single issue with my phone since the update. It runs smoother and battery life is noticeably better. A few of my friends with the Note 3 on AT&T also haven't had any issues.

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How many months late are we at the Big Red? My Note 3 FINALLY updated yesterday, May 17th, Inexcusable since the other companies have had KK out for a VERY long time. And I (we) pay big bucks for this???? It upgraded on its own; I didn't have the option of declining. Just picked up the phone and found the little green man (android) doing his thing. Visual voice mail updated as well. At least I can be thankful for that - everything went smoothly unlike the other updates when I had to factory reset and go through all of that crap of re-installing, etc. apps and everything else. Se we'll see what it brings...time will tell.