Android CentralIf you were watching our coverage of the Galaxy S III launch event, you'll already be familiar with the wealth of accessories that were announced alongside the phone, and shown backstage in the sprawling demo area. We even gave them a full write up, and snapped some photos. Today a few of these accessories have appeared for pre-order over at UK retailer MobileFun, along with preliminary prices and some official promo images. Among the more interesting accessories on show is the "C Pen" -- Sammy's capacitive stylus for the Galaxy S III, which was nowhere to be found in the demo area at the launch event. MobileFun is also listing the official flip cover, Wifi Display Hub and phone holder/battery charger.

As you might expect from official, branded accessories, these don't come cheap. The holder/charger package comes in at £35 (~$56), while the flip cover will sell for £30 (~$48). It's also worth mentioning that you can't buy any of these just yet (for the Galaxy S III that you don't have), as these are just pre-order listings. We're hoping to see many of these on launch day, but we're already hearing from retailers that one of the more anticipated add-ons, the wireless charging accessory, isn't expected until September.

Source: MobileFun


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Galaxy S III 'C Pen' stylus and other accessories appear for pre-order


That's one fugly pen !

They could've just used the "S Pen" & named it "C Pen" !!!

Speaking of Pens, my father have a similar looking pen* , it even have the same Samsung logo on it
Its a shame such a monstrosity is sitting in a closet next a collection of MontBlanc & Cross "writing Instruments"

* a real pen that spits Ink

These prices are absolute rip offs!!!!!!
Well, thank God for Amazon!!!
Things are always cheaper on Amazon!!!

The C pen is basically just a fancy (and over priced) capacative pen, seeing as the S3 doesn't have a wacom digitalizer.