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The Premium Suite features make the 4.1.2 update into something worth waiting for

Starting sometime on July 3, users with a Samsung Galaxy S3 on the C Spire network should start seeing that oh-so-wonderful OTA pop-up we all cherish. The carrier is sending out the Android 4.1.2 update, including the Premium Suite features that we've seen in other Galaxy S3 models.

While an update to Jelly Bean is great in and of its own, the Premium Suite brings a good many new features to the device. Updates for previous models have included things like smart photo tagging, reader mode, S-Beam enhancements, and the crowd favorite multi-window view.

Samsung and C Spire have also made the update available online via Kies, so if you'd prefer not to wait you can use the Samsung utility to download and install this one -- though that often comes with its own unpleasant experience. 

If you're a C Spire customer with a Galaxy S3, start paying attention to your notifications in a few short hours. If and when you receive the update, be sure to sound off in the comment box and let everyone know what you think.

Source: C-Spire. Thanks, Jeff!

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BKHD2477#AC says:

We've had the 4.1.2 update since late March but they are just now
getting around to the Premium Suite part. Oh well better late than never!!

still1 says:

i am glad i have a nexus 4

DWR_31 says:

I'm glad I have a Sprint GS3.

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Benny Singh says:

this 4.1.2 is what version of Android? ICS or GINGER BREAD???

bigryn0 says:

Way behind Bro. This is a Jelly bean Update. Its basically just an update for premium suite, but hopefully it will include some camera option as well!!!

hpurvis65 says:

Wow cspire once again we're last. Of course we're going to get the s4 on the 8th. Timely update ol chaps.

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ryangur says:

Nope.. Not last.. Verizon does have this yet...

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Ethere says:

Verizon does have the 4.1.2 version out. They even rolled out an update to fix the update. AT&T on the other hand hasn't even begun to roll this out yet. My GS3 sits at 4.1.1.

glazedfaith says:

Isn't that an S4 in the picture?