Aurora Red Galaxy S4Samsung and AT&T have made the Aurora Red version of the Galaxy S4 available today. The 16GB version is identical to the black and white versions, and will have the same 2GB of RAM, 1080p display and Snapdragon 600 under the glass. It's also priced the same, $200 with a new two-year contract or $640 if you buy it outright.

The Galaxy S4 is one of the years best selling phones, and has broken just about every sales record Samsung keeps track of. With 10 Million units sold in black or white, this is your chance to get your hands on one with a little more flair. 

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Aurora Red Samsung Galaxy S4 now available for AT&T


I believe that the best option would be to just get a really nice red case.

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But is it still plastic? Probably. :(

Bad build quality...not aluminum...features are gimicks...contains unfixed battery...uncouth SD card slot from like 1968...fugly...small internal storage...

Did I get them all in?

I currently have a N4 on T-Mobile. I just think most of the objections to the S4 are simply spin and it's annoying to hear the same ones repeated on each thread so I thought I'd preempt them.

Really?! Come on. The front speakers on the HTC one aren't that great. I demoed it. Sounds no louder than my nexus 10. The features are mainly gimmicks but they are still more than what HTC has. The screen is 0.3 bigger and yet it's smaller than the HTC one. Plus it has a removable battery and can be expanded to 64 GB of additional storage. The battery lasts longer. Diff I get then all?

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I love my GS4 and I love most shades of red but in the words of Amanda Bynes speaking diresctly to this are ugggly

I really enjoy these red Galaxy phones. It bugs me that they don't release them right away. This would have been my choice.

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Hey I am new to andriod I have a gs4 came from a iphone5 on the iphone I can send a 3 min video through text and alot of photos through text how come I cant send a 30 sec video or more than 2 photos at once through text my phone says too large try email what gives is there a setting or something because out of all the bickering why andriod is better if you cant do this simple stuff then there is no contest lets face it this is what you do most on these phones

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