Galaxy Note

The Samsung Galaxy Note that we already know is coming to AT&T, has passed through the FCC.  There's absolutely no surprises -- we see the 21Mbps UMTS/HSPA+, GSM 850/1900, and band 4 and 17 LTE radios, along with NFC, Wifi and Bluetooth.  Now all we need to know is when the SGH-i717 will go up for sale -- all we've officially heard is "the coming weeks".  Even though it's not a surprise, we're still pumped to see this one stateside.

Source: FCC


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AT&T's Samsung Galaxy Note passes through FCC


I was close to buying an international version, but I guess I will wait and see what AT&T's off contract price will be?

Same here, I bought the GSM G-Nexus instead hoping the G-Note would come stateside.
Looks like my plan paid off, now I just have to sell my Nexus..

Yes it has NFC.. but knowing carriers they might try to block NFC n anything related to tethering