G Note 2

The 69MB update is available over Wifi only, brings new kernel and new radio

Build UCAMC3 looks like it's rolling out heavy for the AT&T branded Galaxy Note 2. Since last night, plenty of users are reporting that they have received the 69MB OTA. There's no official change log posted, but a quick chat with someone who has received it shows that you'll be getting a new radio and a new kernel. Besides the obvious performance boosts to the network that comes with new radio software, users are reporting better and stronger Wifi, and increased performance overall.

You'll need to be on Wifi to download this update, so be sure you're not using your cell radio when you check (right after reading this) lest you get the check again in 24 hours message. When and if AT&T posts any official list of changes, we'll update this post.

Via: Android Central forums. Thanks, Shawn!


Reader comments

AT&T Galaxy Note 2 update rolling out, still 4.1.2


Gotta love AC! Just saw this, checked update on my Note 2 and downloaded and installed the update! Thanks Jerry and AC!

It also added a Samsung Mobile bookmark folder with 3 useless bookmarks that cannot be deleted.

I'm surprised nobody has mentioned yet that it totally fixes the auto rotation bug from the multi Window update. This has been the biggest relief so far as it was an annoying bug that nobody seemed to address and that almost made me get a new phone as much as I love the note 2.

Thank you! I was thinking the same thing. Having to restart my phone every day multiple times some of the time was driving me crazy. And no one was saying weather or not this update fixed the problem. All I knew was that it hasn't happened since I updated so I was hopeful.

JERRY,Just noticed you are using the AT&T MicroCell. For whatever reason I thought I heard you say in a past podcast you had very good AT&T coverage where you live. I guess it must have been someone else I heard say that but how does that MicroCell work for you and what about getting dropped calls?? I also get very poor AT&T coverage where I live (suburb of Boston). I think the MicroCell works off your home internet, to me that means no tethering at home. Can you give me a quick summary of your experience using the MicroCell. Thanks Jerry

Well, I just found out the hard way that the stupid dumb screen rotation bug still exists. Laaaaame.

My update just came through and I noticed my lookout app scanned something called "Enterprise Permissions" that was added with the update.

Thanks AC! Update went well but my battery life dropped significantly! i used to get with my use 18-22 hours and since this update Tuesday night I barely get 10 hours! Can't figure out how to reset back to the previous version! If any one has thoughts on how to do that, please let me know!
Thanks guys!

I received it yesterday. I immediately noticed my battery draining about 70% faster. This is the worst. I liked the Note II since the battery would go almost two days without a charge on little use. Now only one day. Bad update! help me revert back!

Can someone please help? I use a galaxy note 2 its tmobile but it's unlocked for any company so I use it for at&t. I have an update for the phone, if u update it will I still beable to use Iit for at&t? Or will I have to unlock it again? Please help & thank you in advance.