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If any of you have been on the Android Market as of late, you might have noticed another helpful addition right beneath the screenshots. For your viewing pleasure, it looks like Google has rolled out a total rating breakdown, as well as a more accurate average rating.

This is a much welcome and helpful feature, especially if you just need to know if that 4.5 star rating is really a 4.5. More transparency is always good, especially when you're trying to judge the quality of an app prior to installation.

I think we can all agree, though, that the most useful feature is finally getting to see how many people 1-star rated something. And we all know the name for those folk: trolls.

Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

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UncleMike says:

Some apps truly do suck, and deserve a 1 star rating. But I'll admit that most 1 star ratings I've seen are in conjunction with comments that make it clear that the user is at least partly to blame, because they misunderstood the app, or it doesn't do something they want, despite the fact that it doesn't claim to do so.

What I would like to see is a graphical representation of ratings over time, possibly with marks indicating updates, or transitions from free to paid. Was the app rated good early on and then ratings plummeted? Or vice-versa? Or have the ratings remained steady? Did a drop in ratings coincide with a transition from free to paid? This could even be done in a way similar to what eBay does: average rating over the past month, 6 months, and 1 year.

mr.wizard says:

^^ that would be even better if it were incorporated into the mobile app

chrisd#AC says:

Sometimes I'm not crazy about a particular app, but there's no sense in having a breakdown.

virtualhuman says:

I believe the only app I've ever one-starred is The Weather Channel... and I think the legions who've done likewise are anything but trolls!

However, for most apps that would probably be an accurate assessment.

DenverRalphy says:

There are way too many people that don't know how to rate apps. Most people either 1star or 5star the apps. And app can be an excellent app with a lot of quality behind it, but because it's missing one desired feature, or a recent update didn't provide a comprehensive changelog, it'll get 1starred. As well, a simple app that works, may have a bug or two, and is simply "okay" will get 5starred.

icebike says:

There are some apps that deserve negative stars. (Black Holes?).

There are some apps that need stars based on the type of device being used. If something won't work on a particular handset anyone selecting it for that handset should see that rating, but other users should see different results.

Im not sure these ratings are granular enough to be useful, but they are better than nothing.

But I agree with Mr.Wizard, this needs to be visible in the mobile app.

moosc says:

how about fixing the tablet market it just sucks is like my phone market on my tablet

El Jefe says:

Lol @ black holes.

I agree with the comments above & also hate when people rate an app poorly for reasons like it doesn't work on their Xoom when the description clearly says it currently doesn't support tablets.

Some people are idiots. Maybe if we can search by the 1 star apps & read just those, we can filter out those morons.

Blah says:

A break down by device would be nice too. Even a rating for my device and one for overall would work.

hmmm says:

The only app I have ever one starred I did so because without warning the developer changed the app from formspring into myyearbook or something like that and I only found out after an update. I will usually give 2 stars off if they ask for too many permissions. Like my local NBC app wants contact information for example.

Jonneh says:

Can't tell you how many times I've read "Will get 5 stars when you make it compatible with _my_device_", with a 1- or 2-star rating.

Lately on the tegra games you'll consistantly see "1-star because ur fragmenting android!!11 l0l!!!!1"........

Mike_is_Mike says:

I think the 5 star folks are just as troll-y as the 1 start folks.

Reading WHY and HOW they came up with their rating is more telling than WHAT rating they gave.

SuperWario89 says:

does anyone know how i can find these user review breakdowns? when i go to the market on my OG evo I dont see the breakdown anywhere... is this tablet only or something?