Zombie Road Trip

Ready for yet another zombie themed game for your phone or tablet? Yeah, I'm getting a little burnt on the whole zombie kitsch myself, too. But this one's actually a good zombie themed game, and one you'll want to try.

Zombie Road Trip has a simple, yet familiar premise -- stay away from zombies that will eat you, and kill the ones that get in your path. Sounds familiar, right? Now imagine instead of running away, you're driving a dump truck that can do mid-air stunts and flips -- with a machine gun mounted on the hood. Now we're talking. Add in the upgradeable equipment, and easy controls and you have what I call a winner. Play it for ten minutes, and I think you'll agree.

Zombie Road Trip is an endless style game, where the gameplay only stops if you get eaten by the zombie horde that's trailing you. While you race for your life, you'll be faced with zombies in all shapes and sizes coming at you, just waiting for you to tap the screen and fire your weapon. You can mow them down (what good is a dump truck if you can't turn the bad guys into a bloody smear with it?), but this also slows you down. Slow players and fast zombie hordes make for a short game. While you're driving through the various terrain, you can flip and do stunts each time you get airborne. Each stunt you successfully pull off, or zombie you kill gives you coins which you can use to buy stuff to better kill zombies with. If you're impatient, you can also buy the coins via an in-app purchase.

The controls, as mentioned, are easy -- tap the bottom right to tilt clockwise, and the bottom left tilts you counter clockwise. Tapping anywhere on the screen fires your weapon. Controls that are easy to learn and master are a must for touch screen gaming and Zombie Road Trip does a great job here. This is a fun little game that you'll be able to play during those times when you only have a few minutes to kill, as well as when it's play time and you're up for a serious gaming session. It's free, runs on Gingerbread and higher, and you can grab it at the link above. Hit the break for some screenshots and the trailer video.