Pokémon Go update adds support for Android Q

Pokemon Go Pixel phone
Pokemon Go Pixel phone (Image credit: Android Central)

What you need to know

  • The latest Pokémon Go update adds support for the Android Q Developer Preview.
  • Previously, the game would launch but refused to go past the initial loading screen.
  • Niantic, the company behind Pokémon Go, most likely took its time adding compatibility because of its strict policies against cheating.

Have you been having Pokémon withdrawals since updating to the Android Q Developer Preview? If so, then the latest update from Niantic is sure to put a smile on your face. That's because with version 0.151 of the app, Pokémon Go finally runs on the Android Q Developer Preview.

Being an early adopter and beta tester is often a lot of fun, and it's the kinda stuff we live for around here. However, it's difficult to enjoy it when one of your favorite games refuses to work. I mean, how are you supposed to catch 'em all when the game won't even get past the loading screen?

Thankfully, those days are over with, and just in time because Android Q just got its latest beta build before the final release. The reasons behind Pokémon Go being incompatible up until now are most likely to due Niantic's strict policy against cheating, and probably a bit of compatibility testing. But mostly the cheating thing.

In the past, Niantic has been known to be a little heavy-handed with app security, namely blocking Pokémon Go from running on rooted devices. You can hardly blame them though, as once you can spoof your location, it kind of defeats the spirit of the game.

While all the rooted users may be left out, all of us on the Android Q Developer Preview can get back to catching Pokémon. The update is currently rolling out on the Play Store, but if you haven't gotten it yet, you can always download it manually from APK Mirror.

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Jason England