10 perfect Pokémon catches to blow your Pokémind

The beauty of Pokémon Go is how it combines beloved, familiar virtual monsters with the real world. Through augmented reality, it's possible to snag shots of Pokémon in unusual, hilarious or otherwise ridiculous locations before scooping them up into your Pokéball.

Drowzee crashes your movie premiere

We've all been there. You're at the premiere of a major summer blockbuster, only for a large, inherently sleepy Pokémon to appear blocking your path. Pocket-Lint editor Chris Hall encountered just this problem at the Star Trek Beyond London premiere, where Drowzee gatecrashed the white carpet. Presumably before being entombed for all eternity in a cold, spherical dungeon.

Zubat in your margarita

The Pokémon Go craze means you can't even relax with a cocktail without some obnoxious, vaguely bat-like creature getting all up in your margarita. Twitter user Rainy Goodin captured this renegate zubat, which we'll presume was swiftly apprehended and put to work in a gym for the remainder of its natural life.

Drowzee on your beer

Ever wonder why Drowzee is so drowsy? His affinity for imported Dutch beverages may be to blame, as evidenced by this second photo of the sleepy critter from Chris Hall.

Charmander steals your chair

Stop, Charmader, in the name of the law! The fiery critter obviously doesn't realize that a really great way to get arrested is to steal the seat of the Pima County Sheriff. He'll be doing time — in a Pokéball.

Getting pulled over with Rattata

Been pulled over by an officer of the law. Of course you're going to take a few seconds to scoop up that stray rattata before giving your license and registration. No word on whether Twitter user sethary spent the night in a Pokéball or the country jail.

Oddish getting ready to party

You've got a couple of reasonably full bottles of liqor, what else do you need to get the party started? Oddish, of course! This weird blue raddish with legs is sure to be the life of the party — or at least creepily stare at you from across the room all night.

Apprehending a stray Weedle

We're not sure what this Sioux Falls police officer found on Weedle to warrant an arrest, but maybe the clue's in the name.

Pidgey at the birth of your child

Let's face it: Giving birth to another human can take a while. So if you're stuck on the sidelines, what better time killer than Pokémon Go. In a now famous story, Pokemaster Jonathan Theriot snapped up a rogue pidgey as his wife gave birth to his daughter.

"She wasn't mad at all. She just kind of laughed at it," Theriot told BuzzFeed, "It was primarily an eyeroll once she realised what I was doing."

Gastly in the cemetery

Maybe you shouldn't be surprised to find a spooky Pokémon like malevolent cloud beast Gastly knocking around your local graveyard. Still doesn't make it any less shocking when the fanged beast comes flying at you from behind a tombstone.

Rattata on your toilet

Finally and perhaps most fittingly, Facebook user Rory Oldmate was surprised to find a wild Rattata squatting on his toilet. Then again, surely the little guy is in his element perched atop the crapper.

Where's the wierdest place you've run into a Pokémon? Share your finds down in the comments!

Alex Dobie
Executive Editor

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