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Zombie Driver launched on Google Play for $6.99, giving players with Tegra devices the pleasure of running over undead with a wide variety of vehicles. Of course, nitro boosts can help a bunch when the hordes get a little thick, plus military-issued weaponry can thin the ranks from range. Beyond the story-based campaign, there's a race mode where you compete with other survivors to complete three laps, or you can try to weather an endless tide of zombies in the slaughter mode. Over time, players upgrade their various vehicles according to their playstyle. Like to get up-close and personal? Crank up your armor and dozer ratings. Prefer to hit and run? Upgrade your nitro and get a fast car. 

I played the first few levels and the graphics are beautifully gross on the Nexus 7. My only serious qualm is that the controls aren't that awesome. The game came to Xbox Live Arcade and Steam first, and it really shows. The default control scheme lays out WASD-style virtual keys with some awkward diagonal movement. At least there's support for keyboards and gamepads if you've got either handy. 

In any case, if you can't get enough gruesomeness this Hallowe'en, Zombie Driver is a nice change of pace from the deluge of other slaughterfests out there.