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Wow, the Cyber Monday Android phone deals are kicking off early folks and Best Buy has just dropped the lowest ever price for one of the best phones of the year. This Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 deal is now just $599 - that's $400 off! This is for the unlocked version and does not require any trade-ins to get this excellent deal.

And don't worry if you're in the UK as there's a never-lower price for you too. Usually priced at £949, Samsung has knocked the price down to £799. Or, there's an option to pay £8.31 a month instead if you want to spread the cost out.

Samsung is also offering a further discount of up to £500 on trade-ins against the already discounted price. Simply click the trade-in menu on the website, and you can see what laptops, tablets, smartwatches, and phones are eligible. We'd always advise weighing up the trade-in price against average sold prices on used listings on eBay or trade-in values at the usual outlets just to make sure you're getting the best value on your old device. Samsung pays way more for older Samsung phones than Apple ones, for example.

The best Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 deals yet

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 Render Flex Crop

US: Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 was $999, now $599

Save $400: Quite simply a mind-blowing deal that smashes anything we saw on Black Friday. $400 off a foldable phone this good and this new is easily the best deal I've seen on a phone all year. It's available on all four colors at the moment, but we really don't see this lasting long and you're unlikely to find a cheaper price than this for a long time.

$599 at Best Buy
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 Render Flex Crop

UK: Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 was £949, now £799

Save £150: A fantastic discount on one of the best phones of the year. You won't find a better foldable deal in the Cyber Monday sales. We're not sure how long this deal will last, but we think you're playing a dangerous game, assuming it will still be around after Monday. This offer is running on all four colors of the phone.

£799 at Samsung

I've had the pleasure of using the Z Flip 3 and its tablet-phone hybrid big brother, the Z Fold 3, in recent months at home, and they're both mind-blowing devices. The Z Flip 3 is the better value option though overall and much more pocket-friendly.

The 6.7-inch 120Hz display looks fantastic, and the folding design is much improved on the previous model, and it's now water-resistant too. Using the phone in folded L-shape mode is great fun for lining up perfect camera shots, watching videos, and enjoying video calls. The internal camera is much sharper and more detailed than the Z Fold 3 one, so it is much better suited to selfies and video calls.

The outside display might be small, but it's great for notifications, setting timers, skipping tracks in Spotify, and more. The clam-shell design is super sturdy and is something of a revelation after stuffing increasingly large phones into my pockets over recent years.

The only gripes I have with the phone is the lack of a decent telephoto lens, and the battery is pretty easy to burn through in a day. If you're not too bothered about long-distance shots, though, and can top your phone up easily enough at some point if you're using it a lot each day, then this could be the affordable foldable you've been waiting for.

Check out our price comparison chart below for more offers on the Z Flip 3. In the UK, you'll see options for picking the phone up on contract or as a standalone purchase like this one. There's a SIM-only tab, too, which will be handy if you need a new deal to pair with a contract-free phone.

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