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Best Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 cases 2022

There's no denying that Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 is one of the most futuristic-looking and feature-packed smartphones you can buy these days. However, a device as fragile (and expensive!) as this also needs to be cared for in the best possible way, if you intend on keeping it around for a while. So to make things easier for you, we've rounded up some of the best Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 cases available in the market. These include both official cases from Samsung, as well as third-party cases from brands like Spigen and UAG.

These are the best Galaxy Z Flip 3 cases you can find

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 cases combine function and fashion

Samsung's first-party options are the clear winners for anyone looking for a great-looking Galaxy Z Flip 3 case, as the company has perfectly tailored cases in a nice variety of styles. Samsung has also focused on more than just fit and fashionable color-matching with these cases, going outside the box for the Silicone Cover with Strap or Ring attachments to improve grip and make the Z Flip 3 a little more fun to have and to hold.

While these cases won't win everyone over, we still firmly believe that great phone grips are essential to a smartphone experience — especially for one-handed use. You'd typically center a phone grip near the center of the phone, but since the Z Flip 3 folds in half, that's just not as practical here. However, the ring case still puts that grip dead center via the carry strap, and the wider seatbelt-type case allows you to grip securely across the bottom half to dial or type one-handed.

While the Galaxy Z Flip 3 is more reasonably priced than its predecessor, this is still a phone that's not mainstream, or at least not yet. Samsung thinks that the Z Flip 3 will do quite well — you don't make a phone in seven different colors if you're not confident of success — and has offered up a bevy of cases focused on grip, style, and flexibility.

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