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Best Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 cases 2022

There's no denying that Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 is one of the most futuristic-looking and feature-packed smartphones you can currently buy. But it's also one of the most delicate smartphones out there, primarily because of its foldable form factor. 

So, if you're planning on buying one soon, we suggest getting one of these best Galaxy Z Flip 3 cases to go with as well. From Samsung's own offerings, to rugged options by third-party manufacturers such as Spigen, we've selected the finest options for you.

These are the best Galaxy Z Flip 3 cases you can get

These Galaxy Z Flip 3 cases combine function and fashion

One of the best foldable phones (opens in new tab) available in the market, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 (opens in new tab) offers a plethora of powerhouse features in a compact shell. However, the foldable needs to be protected well in order to maintain its good looks, which is why getting a well-built case makes perfect sense.

Our top pick — Samsung's own silicone cover with ring — protects the swanky foldable from damage, while also enhancing its style. You also get a bunch of colors to choose from, and the integrated ring helps with the grip by serving as a PopSocket. 

If you'd prefer something a bit more rugged, take a gander at the QuickStand Active by VRS Design. It offers military-grade protection, and even features a built-in kickstand that works in both orientations.

Once you've decided on a case, make sure you pair it up with one of the best Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 screen protectors (opens in new tab) to ensure that folding screen stays safe as well.

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