Best Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 screen protectors 2022

While Samsung's Galaxy Z Flip 4 is surely the hottest new foldable in town, it's largely an incremental update over its predecessor. This essentially means that you can just go ahead and buy the Galaxy Z Flip 3 without any second thoughts, and even save yourself some money in the process. That said, this is still an all-glass foldable device that comes with two displays—one of which folds—so we recommend protecting the thing in the best way possible. To help with that, we've rounded up some of the best Galaxy Z Flip 3 screen protectors available in the market. From film-based options to tempered glass offerings, there are quite a few choices for you to pick from!

Check out the best Galaxy Z Flip 3 screen protectors

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Keep your Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 looking like new

Despite being a little over a year old at this point, Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 (opens in new tab) continues to be a top-of-the-line smartphone that can easily hold its own against some of the best foldable phones (opens in new tab) available in the market right now. However, it's a fragile device that needs protection to maintain its good looks, so getting one of the best Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 screen protectors for it is quite a sensible idea. Our top vote goes to Orzero's pack of premium screen protectors, which includes protective films for the smartphone's back panels and hinge for all-round protection. If you'd rather have something that's a bit easier on the eyes, take a look at Skinomi's matte screen protector, which comes with an anti-glare coating. Supershieldz's TPU-based film is also a solid option if you want basic protection for just the smartphone's inner display and replace screen protectors on a frequent basis.

A screen protector is great for preventing damage to your smartphone's display, but what about its entire body? This is where a great case comes into the picture, which is why we suggest taking a gander at some of the best Galaxy Z Flip 3 cases (opens in new tab) available out there as well.

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