Best Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6 cases 2024

Check out all the best Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6 cases right here for your perusal. You can have your pick from the thinnest or the toughest of phone cases. No matter your budget or personal style, there's surely a phone case here to please you.

Don't skimp out on a Galaxy Z Flip 6 case. Although the foldable has IP48 water and dust resistance, it's not invincible in the face of harsh drops and rough knocks. Not to mention, many of these wonderful cases add features like a stand or MagSafe compatibility.

Flip out over these sick Galaxy Z Flip 6 cases

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Don't bulk up your pocketable Galaxy Z Flip 6 too much

Avoid bulking up the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6 with a case that's too thick. The whole point of buying a modern flip phone that folds in half is that it's small and easy to fit into pockets. A gigantic phone case defeats that purpose. Only select a bulky phone case if you work in very rough environments where you are likely to damage your device without a rugged cover.

The best Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6 cases are lean, mean, and inexpensive. Your best overall choice is the spectacular Caseology Nano Pop with Ring, even though it only comes in two colors. This budget case is only priced at about $25 to $26, which is a steal. Caseology uses high-grade silicone for its cases and promises robust drop protection. The ring makes it easy to carry and use your Galaxy Z Flip 6 and reduces the likelihood of you dropping it.

Thinborne offers the sleekest, trimmest, and thinnest case around for the latest Samsung flip phone in the form of the Thinborne Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6 Case. It only measures 0.04 inches wide, which is a stunning feat. You won't miss out on add-ons like kickstand or grippy rings either, because the brand baked a MagSafe ring into the rear. All you need is a set of MagSafe grips and stands and you'll be able to mod your Flip 6 as you please.

After getting your hands on the best Flip 6 cases, be sure to purchase a stellar screen protector for your Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6. There are two displays on the foldable, which means it needs double the protection.

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