Best Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6 screen protectors 2024

The list of the best Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6 screen protectors could go on and on, mainly because you can use the last-gen Z Flip 5's screen guards on the device as well. Still, we recommend buying dedicated screen protectors for the Z Flip 6 unless clearly specified as fit for both phones by the screen protector brand.

Since the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6 has two displays, naturally you need two screen protectors. Tempered glass protectors are readily available for the external screen, but you won't find glass protection for the internal folding screen. However, high-quality TPU films provide more than satisfactory protection for your phone's vulnerable insides.

Get solid screen guards for your Galaxy Z Flip 6

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Choosing the right screen protection kit for your Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6

You could grab one of the best Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6 screen protectors, or you could opt for the best Galaxy Z Flip 5 screen protector and call it a day. Since Flip 5 screen guards are older, they are much cheaper and have been thoroughly reviewed by users in the past year so you'll know if you picked a good one. However, newer screen protectors made for the Flip 6 will fit better, but they might cost a tad more.

You don't get to choose between tempered glass and TPU films when it comes to the
Z Flip 6. Since the internal display bends, you have no other choice but to go for a plastic screen guard that's flexible. The external screen is the traditional kind though, so you have some leeway there. If you don't like the thickness of glass, TPU films are a great alternative.

The Supershieldz 2 Pack Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6 Screen Protector TPU is the ideal screen protection kit for anyone since it costs less than $10 and still includes two flexible, self-healing TPU screen guards for both displays of the Flip 6. The price is too good to be ignored and Supershieldz is a well-known player in the game.

If you'd like a more comprehensive kit with installation guides and things like anti-slip mats, you'll be better off buying Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6 screen protector sets from Ferilinso, YWXTW, or OMOTON.

Once you're done getting decent screen protection for your Samsung flip phone, be sure to grab one of the best Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6 cases to protect the phone's other parts.

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