CASETiFY hands-on: Eco-friendly Google Pixel 6 cases like no other

CASETiFY Google Pixel 6 cases on a table
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A lot goes into making a great phone case that you can use on an everyday basis. There's no such thing as a flawless phone cover, but many brands come close to achieving perfection. Introduce eco-friendliness into the mix, however, and it becomes a somewhat limiting factor. Happily, many big name case makers are trying to adopt a greener approach.

Companies like Pela make cases and other phone accessories from sustainable materials entirely, but only a Pela phone cover is 100% biodegradable. Others like Otterbox and UAG occasionally offer the odd options here and there that incorporate recycled materials, or are compostable by design in an effort to help keep our planet cleaner and greener. CASETiFY, on the other hand, uses a certain percentage of recycled plastics in every single one of its cases.

CASETiFY specializes in creating hundreds of uniquely designed cases for many of the best smartphones from Samsung, Google, and Apple. What's impressive about CASETiFY's offerings is the sheer number of options available. You've got transparent, semi-transparent, and opaque models touting fun and quirky themes. The case maker often partners up with licensed brands to concoct truly exciting pieces like the CASETiFY Star Wars lineup. Naturally, my curiosity was piqued, so I decided to test some of the coolest CASETiFY Pixel 6 series cases that caught my eye. Let's see if they live up to their hefty $45 asking price.


CASETiFY's Google Pixel 6 and 6 Pro cases get as creative as they can, touting memes, patterns, decals, and everything in between. You don't have to sacrifice durability for good looks either, as these eco-friendly cases are built to endure.

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CASETiFY hands-on: the weird and the wonderful

CASETiFY Google Pixel 6 cases on a table

(Image credit: Namerah Saud Fatmi / Android Central)

In a world full of bland dark cases, CASETiFY's Google Pixel 6 phone covers are a much-needed breath of fresh air. You get to choose from an overwhelming number of designs, starting from plain patterns to interesting decals. There's an inconceivable amount of cases to pick from. To add to that, you get to choose the color of the shock-proof borders for every single model. The available options include Clear — Black, Clear — Frost, Clear — Pink, and Matte — Black.

This'll be a mouthful, but here are the names of the CASETiFY Google Pixel 6 cases that I tested hands on:

  • Marble Trippy Wavy Rainbow Colors Spiral Swirl Warp Twirl 70s Psychedelic Acid Groovy Abstract Pattern
  • German Shepherd Dogs
  • Scratch N Sniff Vintage Smelly Stickers
  • Color Cloud: A New Thing Is On The Way - by Jessica Poundstone

The first thing that'll undoubtedly draw your attention is the splashy colorfulness of these CASETiFY Google Pixel 6 cases. Whether it's water-marbled swirls or vintage stickers, everything stands out ever so vividly. Even the semi-transparent number sporting numerous adorable German Shepherd figures stands out. Unlike most cheap silicone cases readily available, CASETiFY's phone covers feature high-quality imprints that don't succumb to wear and tear over time. They look fantastic and feel premium, with an interesting varnish on top to protect the paint underneath.

CASETiFY offers cases for both the Google Pixel 6 and the Pixel 6 Pro, but I tried out the Pixel 6 covers. However, I am confident that the experience on the Pro model will be identical to that of its lesser sibling. CASETiFY's Pixel 6 cases offer a snug fit, very precise cutouts, and satisfyingly clicky buttons. Their impact-proof nature adds a tad more bulk than an excellent thin case would provide, but the bolstered durability is well worth it.

Each case encloses the unusually wide Pixel 6 in raised black edges with the signature CASETiFY logo. Similarly, the bezels all around the CASETiFY phone cover jut out just a bit, preventing excessive damage from drops and bumps. Impressively, the Pixel 6 case doesn't increase much weight or bulk, making it comfortable to hold. The sides are grippy, and if you want an extra security measure, CASETiFY offers customizable phone straps to go with its phone covers.

CASETiFY's Pixel 6 cases offer a snug fit, very precise cutouts, and satisfyingly clicky buttons.

The insides are as well thought out as the outsides. CASETiFY made sure that the tough nature of its Pixel cases doesn't interfere with wireless charging or the Pixel back tap gestures. The case's tight fit keeps out dust, sand, and other intrusive particles. The plastic guts of each case are smooth so as to avoid scratching the bare back of your precious Google phone. Some level of dirt will inevitably collect inside over time, but it's easy to pop off the CASETiFY case and clean the insides with a sanitary wet wipe.

CASETiFY Google Pixel 6 cases on a table

(Image credit: Namerah Saud Fatmi / Android Central)

On the sides of every CASETiFY case, you will find the percentage of recycled plastic used to make the phone casing of your choice. This is something I admire very much, because it acts like a badge advocating for change. You are sure to look at it at least five times a day and be reminded that you actively chose to purchase something that doesn't contribute to the growing problems of our planet. It is a reassuring comfort, a stark reminder, and an ambassador for the sustainability, all rolled into one.

I used my CASETiFY Google Pixel 6 cases for a good few weeks. I'm talking rough use in a polluted, grimy city combined, with the clumsy hands of a person often called "Droppy." Embarrassingly, I did live up to my nickname and dropped my Pixel face-first onto marble tiles. This proved to be an unintentional real-life test for the proclaimed ruggedness of CASETiFY's products. Happily, my Google device survived the incident unscathed, as did the CASETiFY case itself.

After weeks of hands-on time with these fun and quirky CASETiFY Google Pixel 6 cases, I was extremely pleased. Every case I tried is clearly constructed of high-quality materials. Though these cases are built sturdy, they are easy to put on and reasonably pliable. You can get months of rough use out of them, without fear of yellowing, cracked paint, or scratches.

To add to that, CASETiFY has a "10-day No Question Asked Return or Exchange" policy, so you can send your Pixel 6 case back if you don't end up liking it for whatever reason. Buyers who retain their purchases get a six month warranty for additional reassurance.

Above all, these cool-looking CASETiFY cases with memes, cartoon figures, patterns, and all manner of bold and beautiful drawings on top share a single glowing feature: eco-friendliness. Most CASETiFY Google Pixel 6 covers consist of 65% recycled plastics and other materials. Plus, CASETiFY is actively involved in an effort to offset the company's carbon emissions. Keeping this crucial fact in mind, I think the exorbitant $45 asking price is easier to swallow. If you've got the dough, getting something that's good for the flowers in addition to being durable and unique is a win-win situation.

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