Razer Forge TV update brings new Cortex game store

It looks like Razer is breathing a bit of new life into its Android TV set-top box, the Forge TV. The company has pushed out a software update that brings along the new Cortex game store, which offers up some exclusive Android games for users. The new store is essentially a revamped version of the OUYA store, stemming from Razer's acquisition of the troubled mini-console maker earlier in 2015.

The Cortex store sits alongside the Google Play Store on the Forge TV, offering up a curated selection of recommended Android games, with the ability to sort by new releases, trending games, genres, and more.

Alongside the software update, the Razer Forge TV is also once again available for purchase from Amazon after disappearing from both it and the Google Play Store earlier this year, as CNET reports. Additionally, Razer confirmed to that the promised Turret lapboard and mouse will go on sale in January, though the company has abandoned work to bring PC game streaming to the Forge TV:

Razer says the Turret lapboard and mouse will actually go on sale in January for $150 (£100 or AU$209, converted). You won't find official support for streaming your games from a PC, though: Razer says it stopped working on the Cortex Stream software to do that when it realized that other third-party apps like Remotr could do the same thing. Razer will be promoting Remotr and other apps in a new suggestion bar it's adding to the Forge TV homescreen.

In any case, if you happen to own a Razer Forge TV, you can download the latest software update to check out the new Cortex game store. And if you're interested in picking one up for yourself, the Android TV box is available in a bundle with a controller for $150 at the link below.

$150 at Amazon

Source: Razer, CNET

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