Last chance offer: Get a Google Pixel 7 Pro and a year of wireless service for just $50 per month

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The best holiday promotions from last year are long gone, but there's one outstanding offer from Mint Mobile that's still hanging around. Bundle the purchase of a Google Pixel 7 Pro with any 12-month plan and you'll get $400 off the phone AND six free months of wireless service. I'm not kidding. 

That means that you could be getting one of the best Android phones that money can buy and an entire year of wireless service for as little as $50 per month, or $589 if you pay for everything upfront. The straight discount on the Pro alone would be enough to make this offer one of the best Google Pixel 7 deals on the web, but adding the six months of free wireless service makes it truly legendary. The promotion was technically set to expire on December 30th, but Mint Mobile apparently has enough supplies to keep the deal going a little while longer — which means it really is your last chance to save.

The best Android smartphone and a full year of Mint Mobile for as little as $50/month!

The Google Pixel 7 Pro Bundle: Starting at $50/month or $589 at Mint Mobile

The Google Pixel 7 Pro Bundle: Starting at $50/month or $589 at Mint Mobile

For a limited time (or while supplies last), if you bundle a Pixel 7 Pro with one of Mint Mobile's 12-month wireless plans, the carrier will slash $400 off the price of the phone and give you 50% off the cost of the wireless service. Since an unlocked Pro typically retails for around $899, you're looking at some truly titanic savings. 

Mint Mobile is an MVNO carrier that uses T-Mobile's massive 5G network to provide excellent coverage in the US and beyond. They have four data plans to choose from, starting at 4GB per month and going up to Unlimited (35GB per month), and all plans come with unlimited talk and text to the US, Canada, and Mexico, plus 5G/4G LTE data and a free mobile hotspot. Although we used the 4GB/month price as an example above, the bundle deal in question is available for all Mint Mobile plans. In other words, even if you opt for the most expensive Unlimited plan, you're still only paying $57 per month (or $679 upfront) for the full year of wireless service and the phone. If that's not a remarkable deal, then I don't know what is. 

Now that you've got your hands on one of the best Android phones that money can buy, protect your investment with one these great Pixel 7 Pro cases! You can thank us later. 

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