Humble Artifex Mundi Mobile Bundle

The newest Humble Mobile Bundle deal for Android gamers comes from publisher Artifex Mundi, which offers nine of their titles under the "pay what you want" model. Android owners can pay whatever price they want for three games (Clockwork Tales, Time Mysteries 1, and Deadly Puzzles). If they pay more than the average amount, which is currently $3.91, they can download four more games at no additional cost (Time Mysteries 2, Time Mysteries 3, Grim Legends, and Demon Hunter).

Finally, if they want to pay $9 or more, they can get all seven games plus two more (Enigmatis 2 and Grim Legends 2). Normally, the price for all those games, if they are bought separately, is $41 so even if you pay $9 you are still getting a great deal for your money. In addition, you can choose to donate a portion of that purchase to the Prevent Cancer Foundation. All the games are DRM-free.

The Humble Artifex Mundi Mobile Bundle deal will expire on Monday, June 1, so you have two weeks to jump in on this deal.

Source: Humble Bundle