Humble Mobile Bundle 15

There's just one more week left for Humble Mobile Bundle 15, and two more Android games have now been added to this group of titles under the "pay what you want" business model. Android gamers still have until Monday, October 5 to take advantage of this deal.

To recap, for just $1 or more you can still get Trouserheart and the premium versions of Real Boxing and Governor of Poker 2 as part of Humble Mobile Bundle 15. If you pay more than the average amount, which is currently $4.32, you can unlock access for five more games: Desert Golfing, Tiny Guardians, Great Little War Game 2, and the two new titles: Bean's Quest and The Nightmare Cooperative.

If you bought each game on its own for its normal price, you would have pay a whopping $355. As we mentioned last week, the premium version of Real Boxing that comes with Humble Mobile Bundle 15 is normally worth a ton of money, and that has caused the total worth of Humble Mobile Bundle 15 to be so high compared to previous bundles.

You still have the option of donating part of your money for these games to two charities (Electronic Frontier Foundation and Worldreader). You can take advantage of this cool deal by clicking on the link below.

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