Ninja Warrior

I have absolutely no qualms about admitting that I've spent the occasional weekend in bed, watching "Ninja Warrior." Now I can play the game while watching the show.

Ninja Warrior is now available for Android (as well as the Kindle Fire and iOS), and it brings a decently fun game to your phone and tablet. It's a side-scroller that uses basic gestures for jumping and sliding and ducking and what not, and the graphics are passable, if not overly impressive. There are all sorts of in-game upgrades and achievements and clothes, which would be more fun if you didn't also need to be a ninja to navigate the UI. It's pretty busy.

Gameplay isn't overly difficult, but we'd love to see some sensitivity options. Swiping just doesn't seem to be as quick as we'd expect. Wind-up Knight is a great example of how we'd expect this sort of game to behave, but Nina Warrior just doesn't quite live up to that.

The good news is that for $1.99, you don't have to break the bank to give it a go, and you get a bunch of levels to keep you occupied. Hit the link above to download, and we've got screenshots after the break.