Best place to buy your PlayStation Aim Controller

PlayStation VR Aim controller close-up
PlayStation VR Aim controller close-up (Image credit: Android Central)

Best answer: Amazon is the best place to buy your PlayStation Aim controller. Not only does it offer standalone options, but it also offers a Firewall Zero Hour Bundle for a lower price than competitors!

Why do you want a PlayStation Aim Controller?

We're always looking for ways to experience more immersion when we put on our virtual reality headsets. That's what the PlayStation Aim Controller does for first-person shooters on PlayStation VR (PSVR). Instead of using your Move Controllers, which feel like wands in your hands, you can lift something that resembles the feeling of an actual firearm. Aiming, shooting, and sniping your enemies couldn't be made any cooler than they are with the Aim.

The Aim is shaped like a real gun and features a trigger in the back for you to fire at your enemies. All of the other buttons have been strategically placed around the controller to make sure you won't accidentally press any of the buttons while resting. The entire controller is incredibly comfortable to use and even more fun to play.

Before you buy a first-person shooter make sure you check the PlayStation Aim compatibility. Not every first-person shooter that is compatible with the PSVR will be compatible with the Aim. Bravo Team, Farpoint, and Firewall Zero Hour are just a few of the many games that do work with this controller.

Speaking of, if you're looking to get into Firewall Hour Zero, you're in luck because Amazon has a bundle available. It comes with a copy of the game and the Aim controller.

Why Amazon?

Besides getting access to bundles like these, Amazon also frequently offers deals on both games, consoles, and gaming accessories. Amazon Prime is also a wildly used service when it comes to shopping online. Order what you need from the comfort of your own home with the benefit of free 2-day shipping.

If you experience any issues with your orders you can take confidence in the fact that you're in great hands. Amazon's customer service is quick, thorough, and has excellent options to ensure the happiness of its customers.

Grab yours today and get ready to aim!

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