The first games to get for new PlayStation 4 owners

Stack of PS4 Games
Stack of PS4 Games (Image credit: Android Central)

If you just purchased your first PlayStation 4, you may find yourself feeling overwhelmed by the sheer volume titles. The next generation of console is on the way which means the PS4 game catalog is nearing its end, but also, it is incredibly deep. This is a boon for new PlayStation 4 users, this robust catalog has something great out there for every type of gamer. Welcome to the world of PlayStation 4! Let us share with you some games for the PS4 that will help you kick off your experience in an awesome way.

You can't go wrong

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There are so many amazing games on the PS4 that you could spend years playing nothing but the very best. Hopefully, this brief list will help you kick off your PS4 experience in the best way possible no matter your favorite genre. If you're looking for the most immersive, generation-defining gameplay, then hop onto the back of a robot horse or strap some boxes to your back and check out Horizon: Zero Dawn and Death Stranding.

While Uncharted 4 may not be the most ground breaking story of our generation, it is full of exceptionally well-developed characters. Who has never dreamed of being a better Indiana Jones? If it sounds like a game you might enjoy, you can also pick up the first three chapters in a collection set: Uncharted The Nathan Drake Collection. It'll last you a while.

If you don't have the time to sink for a long story, the quickest and easiest game to jump into, with nothing to lose (because it's free) is Apex Legends. No commitment but all the fun. Now, get out there and start gaming!

Kelly Peirce