Best Free Games on PlayStation 4 in 2022

Apex Legends caustic lifeline mirage
Apex Legends caustic lifeline mirage (Image credit: Respawn Entertainment)

Interested in playing more on your PlayStation 4 but trying to find free-to-play games? Not to worry. Whether you just recieved a new console as a gift, you're getting back into gaming, or you simply don't want to buy any new games for some time, you've got options. If you're looking for lots of fun games to play without breaking your wallet, take a look.

Get playing!

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Free-to-play games are incredibly popular (for obvious reasons) with Fortnite being one of the largest games in the world. Likewise, millions of players jump in on Warframe or Apex Legends every single month. With these different free-to-play titles, you have options for jumping in and not ever spending a dime. If you ever do decide to buy any games or DLC add-ons, you'll want to stock up on PlayStation Store digital currency.

Other free-to-play games offer a sample of what you'll get if you buy the full game. After all, after taking Earth back in Destiny 2 or exhausting Agent 47's lethal options in the first mission of Hitman 2, you might decide it's worthwhile to grab the full game.

Samuel Tolbert

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