Best Chatpads for PS4 Android Central 2021

Navigating a virtual keyboard with a controller is as annoying as it is time consuming. If you want to message your best friends or happen to browse Netflix and YouTube a lot, it might be best to pick up a chatpad. With any of these physical keyboards that connect directly onto your controller, you can search the storefront or message your friends with ease. At such affordable prices, we highly recommend you pick one up.

Nyko chat pad for PS4

Reliable brand: Nyko Type Pad Keyboard for PlayStation 4

Staff pick

Nyko's made a name for itself selling quality peripheral accessories, and its chatpads are certainly included in that list. What's unique about this one is that it sports dedicated "@" and ".com" button shortcuts, along with a small analog stick in the upper right corner that can be used as a tab key for navigation. If you want the best of the best at a cheap price, Nyko's option is the one to get.

Gamers Digital mini bluetooth keyboard pad PS4

Popular choice: Gamers Digital Mini Bluetooth Keyboard Chatpad for PS4

The choice for a lot people is this Bluetooth chatpad. It may not feature a backlit keyboard, but its reviews alone speak for its quality. Its built-in battery pack can be recharged while the controller is in use and features an on/off switch to conserve battery life. The downside is that it doesn't have as many dedicated buttons as Nyko's does.

$23 at Amazon
Fosmon Mini Bluetooth Chatpad

Versatile: Fosmon Mini Bluetooth chatpad

You'll immediately notice the trackpad here, but don't get too excited; the trackpad is not supported on PS4. Instead, just the keyboard works on Sony's system. Where Fosmon makes up for this is that this mini Bluetooth chatpad is compatible with a wide range of devices like smartphones, computers, tablets, and certain VR headsets.

collective minds chat pad for ps4

Rechargeable batteries: Collective Minds - CHATBOOST for PlayStation 4

Collective Minds' chatpad features a backlit keyboard, headset port, a Micro-USB charging port, and comes with two 1,500 mAh rechargeable batteries. The downside is that it can take several hours to fully charge. It's slightly more expensive than what Nyko offers, but it does sport a more ergonomic design that may be more comfortable for your hands.

whiteoak chat pad for PS4

Soft buttons: Whiteoak PS4 Keyboard – Wireless Mini Backlit Chatpad

The Whiteoak PS4 Keyboard supports a transmission range of 8-10 meters, but it features softer buttons than some of the others on this list, which could make or break your purchasing decision depending on your preferences. It also comes with a built-in speaker and a rechargeable battery like others in this list.

$33 at Amazon

Chat away

You have your pick of whichever chatpad you prefer, but we'd recommend the Nyko Type Pad Keyboard for its brand name and its dedicated buttons. If those don't interest you, then the Gamers Digital Mini Bluetooth Keyboard Chatpad is the way to go for its popularity and reviews, so long as you can live without a backlit keyboard.

For anyone looking to get one that's versatile and compatible with a wide range of devices, you can't go wrong with the Fosmon Mini Bluetooth chatpad. The trackpad on it unfortunately isn't compatible with PS4, but the keyboard itself works just fine. And if we're being honest, it's definitely the best looking one here.

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