Best Chatpads for PS4 in 2022

PS4 chatpad hero
PS4 chatpad hero (Image credit: Android Central)

Navigating a virtual keyboard with a PlayStation 4 controller is as annoying as time-consuming. If you want to message your best friends or happen to browse Netflix and YouTube a lot, it might be best to pick up a chatpad. With any of these physical keyboards that connect directly onto your controller, you can search the storefront or message your friends with ease, or play some of the best multiplayer games by chatting in a much smoother fashion. At such affordable prices, we highly recommend you pick one up.

Chat away

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You have your pick of whichever chatpad you prefer, but we'd recommend the Nyko Type Pad Keyboard for its brand name and its dedicated buttons. If that don't interest you, then the Gamers Digital Mini Bluetooth Keyboard Chatpad is the way to go for its popularity and positive reviews, so long as you can live without a backlit keyboard.

For anyone looking to get one that's versatile and compatible with a wide range of devices, you can't go wrong with the Fosmon Mini Bluetooth chatpad. Unfortunately, the trackpad on it isn't compatible with PS4, but the keyboard works just fine. And if we're being honest, it's the best-looking one here.

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