Best Stadia Accessories 2021

Stadia controller
Stadia controller (Image credit: Android Central)

One of the big perks of Stadia is that there's a huge list of Stadia-compatible devices on which you can stream AAA games, along with a ton of compatible controllers. So depending on whether you prefer playing Stadia on your TV, phone, or computer, there are different types of accessories that can improve your play sessions. Here are the best Google Stadia accessories for any gaming scenario.

Varied accessories for a complicated console

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Technically, you shouldn't need any accessories to start playing Stadia games, especially if you're a regular gamer with other controllers to use as your Stadia regular. But in practice, you need specific accessories depending on what kind of Stadia gamer you are. Do you prefer Stadia on mobile, PC, TV, or something else? Do you have one gaming spot or do you like taking your gaming equipment on the road? That makes picking the best Stadia accessories a bit complicated.

Let's start by determining which of the best Stadia controllers you use (or plan to buy). Assuming you have the official Stadia controller, then the official Power Support Claw will attach to it for mobile gaming, while you won't need anything else except the Chromecast Ultra for TV gaming. But if you use a Microsoft, Sony, or SteelSeries controller, then you should check our list of the best phone mounts for game controllers, which has specifically compatible mounts for each manufacturer.

The Stadia controller has an audio jack but is also compatible with USB-C headphones. That means, most gaming headsets or earbuds will be compatible, but we focused on USB-C models: that way, they can slot into your phone or tablet when you're charging the controller (or if you don't have the controller at all). The wireless SteelSeries Arctis 1 is our top choice because you'll be able to react near-instantly to in-game sounds and because it's fully compatible with most other gaming consoles like the PS5.

Armed with these accessories, you'll have a better time tackling the best Stadia games, no matter which Stadia setup you prefer.

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