Android Central

Applorer, a free game discovery portal for Android, updated today with a whole bunch of new social features. Users can now see which titles their friends and other users have installed, create groups (dubbed circles, appropriately enough) for those with common interests to keep tabs on one another, and leave comments, mark favorites and share screenshots with the community at large. Applorer also provides tailored app recommendations based on what's installed on your device and what's popular among your friends. 

The latest version of Applorer really impressed me on two fronts. For one, the user interface is really slick, responsive, and Holo-themed. Secondly, all of this game integration wasn't built requiring partnerships with individual developers; games can be installed from Google Play or launched from Applorer without any trouble whatsoever. It's ambitious for Applorer to try to be the Xbox Live (or even the Raptr) of Android gaming, but not a lot of other players are taking an honest stab at providing a unified gaming social network. Until Google steps in and builds its own Game Center-style hub, the best we'll have are clunky social networks built by publishers that are built to exclusively promote their own games. 

In any case, gamers should definitely give Applorer a shot. If they need any more help finding free Android games, be sure to take a look at my round-up from last week