Plague Inc

Plague Inc. easily is in the running for my 2012 Android Game of the Year, and it's about to get even better. Developer Ndemic today let loose a blog post detailing some upcoming features in Mutation 5. Try these on for size: Zombies, with "radically different gameplay." New achievements, events and games. New languages, including Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and French. And further down the road, expect support for Amazon's Kindle tablets.

Ndemic says we should see pics in the next few days, and Android and iOS should get updates together, or pretty close, anyway. If you've yet to play, hit the link above and have fun destroying the world.

Source: Ndemic Creations


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Zombies, new gameplay, new languages coming to Plague Inc.


I like your taste in games Phil. I've loved this game on my iPod Touch and have been super happy that it has made its way to Android.

This game is awesome. Challenging and it keeps you coming back. Glad I saw it when it was first posted on AC.

I still haven't managed to beat this one. I'm keep either growing my bacteria too fast and killing all of it's hosts before infecting the world or I end up growing it too slowly and getting eradicated by a cure. I need to find the middle ground.

I had a similar problem at first. The key is to bump up your infectivity first before you level up your lethality. That way all the countries get infected first, before you start massively killing off people. I haven't tried it on the hardest setting yet, since the game is already challenging enough on normal. Great find.

The trick is to get the whole world infected, if the bacteria mutates, devolve it.
when 100% is infected go full lethal is guaranteed win for me all the time