Oh, my. Just when you thought it couldn't get any better, here you go. As Dieter mentions above (you did watch the video first, right?), we're now giving away TWO T-Mobile Nexus Ones.

And, so, after the break is the fourth batch of entries. And just like the previous three batches, we've got five more gems here. Check 'em out after the break. A reminder that you still have the rest of this week to get your entries in. Remember, you are the ones voting. You'll decide who wins my (and Dieter's!) Nexus One. Now, on to the vids.

Chris is tired of his G1

Tiger (erm, Reggie) thinks a Nexus one will heal

Um, Andrea, I got nothing here ...

Except maybe "If you like it put a Nexus One on it" ???

Joshua's workin' for a livin'

Aaron's gotta get rid of his brick


Reader comments

Win Phil's (and Dieter's, too!) Nexus Ones: Fourth batch of entries [contest]


Chris -

Awesome. Reminded me of a Jethro Tull hour on VH1 classic lol. Do Songs from the Wood for a curtain call!

i liked Chris's in the beginning until i got really annoyed by the music.......so im going with Aaron! the force close bit was the best!