Samsung Galaxy Note

The Samsung Galaxy Note has been out for a couple of weeks now, and it seems people either love it or hate it. With a size fitting in somewhere between a smartphone and a tablet, the 5.3-inch device even comes with a stylus, which we thought went out of style years ago. There are advantages to the size of the Note, and one example of that is Bell's Mobile TV app. The ample screen size makes streaming media convenient, while still being a device portable enough to slide in a pocket or purse.

And what could be more convenient than winning a free Samsung Galaxy Note from Bell Mobility?! Nothing, I say, because winning is awesome. So if you'd like to enter to win a free Samsung Galaxy Nexus from Bell, and you live in Canada, drop your comment in the forums telling us why you want to win a Samsung Galaxy Note. Yes, sorry folks, the contest is open to Canadians only this time. Contest ends Sunday at midnight. Good luck!


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Win a free Samsung Galaxy Note from Bell Mobility!


I would move to Bell Mobility for this. I like the size and convenience of a stylus.

I have recently finished my dreadful 3 year iPhone contract with Rogers and am desperately shopping around to stop from Robbers stealing money from me monthly. It would be FANTASTIC if I get this free Galaxy Note and be able to move to cost competitive provider such as Bell Mobility. Not to mention how slick the new Glaxy Notes are; it suits my profession which is a mechanical designer - I can work on CAD on the go! It would be a dream come true :D

Im on Bell Mobility with an old Blackberry 9700, when I was looking at phones back 2.5 years ago the HTC Hero looked nice and I am kicking myself for not going with Android. Their phones offer so much more entertainment then BB.

I love this thing. A year ago my girlfriends blackberry died in the 13 months into her three year contract. I managed to find her a used Xperia X10 for $200. The problem is that it is a piece of garbage, she has a year and a half left on her contract, and now she is talking about going over to the Iphone. Being an android guy, let me just say that I really don't like this.

This would be the perfect device to restore her faith in the little green robot. On top of that, she is a full time university student and she could get some really solid use out of the S Pen.

Hook me up AC

Very simple....ever have your tablet and phone and wish you had a piece of paper to jot something down? Happens to me all the time. For example when wanna doodle during boring business meetings.

The Samsung Galaxy Note has everything needed for business and entertainment. Size, Power, and Speed. It's definitely a must have. This is why I want to win this phone!

This device is top notch. i have investigated and researched the different devices and with this device i would only need one device instead of a phone and tablet...

I would like the note because I ride the bus everyday, and find it ridiculous when people pull out their laptops or ipads to view videos or play games. The note is the perfect size between my G2X and Xoom, streaming video would be awesome on that big phone. Oh please let me win, so I can unlock, root, install ICS and throw in my SIM card from Videotron.


This is a top end device and using it on Bell's LTE network would make it fly. I would love to win as my HTC Desire is starting to look really really dated. It would help me organize my day and the S pen would be a lot of fun to doodle with. Thanks AC for the great contest for the great white north!

Winning this would be awesome! Would make it much easier to deal with taking notes in meetings and would definitely make me the envy of my fellow workers.

Great contest from the best Android site out there!

My new fiance's younger brother's birthday is in two weeks in Ajax Ontario. Perfect for him since he's the only gadget lover in their family! Obviously I want to reward him for his love of gadgets Hahah!

I would LOVE to win this for my parents for two reasons: 1) they have an old cell phone from 2005, and 2) their iPad and camera (which they received as gifts) were just stolen two days ago. They would be thrilled to essentially replace all three with this and I'd like to help them out :)

Huge samsung fan. This has to be the best design to date. Provides me a great deal of functionality at work.
If I win, I will peddle these notes out like crack on the street.

This would definitely replace my Blackberry TOUR which is outdated in comparison to what Android has put out. This would stream line my work and social life and would be a great addition to my repertoire. This is me entering the contest!

I'm With Telus right now and Bell has always been appealing, but stuck in contract with Phone. New Galaxy Note would allow me to switch happily and become a "BELL MAN"!!

Besides they say bigger is always

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