Verizon Galaxy Tab update

Verizon's version of the Samsung Galaxy Tab (conveniently called the Samsung Galaxy Tab) is in the midst of getting a software update, it seems. The 34.6MB  update to software version EC02 does the following:

  • Enhanced browser performance and speed.
  • Searching for Wifi hotspots doesn't hurt battery life.
  • Improvements to e-mail, including proper linking, time in the status bar shows when the email was received, download Word docs, send multiple name cards, open 5MB video attachments, fonts better sized.

Look for it to push out, oh, any time now.

Verizon Galaxy Tab update



Reader comments

Verizon's Samsung Galaxy Tab getting an update to help battery life, e-mail


Oh, NO! I'm on Sprint and mine is still at EB28!

Will Sprint also be offering an update or do we W-A-I-T for this one like we did for Froyo on the EPIC?

How Does it perform ? I recently ordered a refurb first generation wifi iPad for 349 Jail broke it when it was delivered yesterday. I may consider the wifi tab for my girlfriend at 7 inches for her small hands.

And before any possible bullshit I have a HTC Evo 4G rooted

1. What's this going to do to my root?
2. I haven't experienced any of the issues they address.

No thanks. If Samsung and Verizon ever want to push out Honeycomb, I MIGHT consider updating. Until then, my rooted Tab is functioning perfectly, and I don't have to deal with any bloatware.

Where are you seeing "EC02"? I'm not sure if the update installed correctly. It says that I'm update to date, but I can't find any reference to "EC02". Little help, please.

Next in line for an update to fix the battery should be the Thunderbolt. How the heck do you put a 1400mah battery on a 4G phone. S.O.S over here.