Verizon Samsung Galaxy Nexus

We've gotten a ton of tips from Verizon employees this morning saying that the unofficially official -- and very much not publicly announced -- Dec. 9 launch date for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus has been scrapped for an unannounced reason. 

We've talked with a Verizon spokesperson who reiterated that no official launch date announcement has been made. So, yeah.

Anyhoo, we're in the exact same position we were yesterday. Still no official announcement. We're talking more about it here in the forums.


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Verizon's Galaxy Nexus now said to miss never-announced Dec. 9 launch date


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I just called my local Verizon store and asked them if they will be selling the Nexus tomorrow. Rep said, "Hold on a second", came back on the phone and said, "Yes, we will have it for sale tomorrow".

I'm about as patient as anybody could be and even I am starting to get annoyed. I sure hope there is a problem and they are delaying because of it.

I have said it here many times.. this phone should have lauched in October... Its just like the bionic all over again.. The window should be closed for most of you this close to CES 2012.. You now need to wait and see what the Quad-Cores Bring to the table..

Blazing on my 1,300 mhz Droid Charge.. Awaiting KAL-EL..

And then wait another 9 months for verizon to release them after they are announced at CES? Yeah, that sounds like a great plan.

Just called their customer service line to see if I could pre-order. Guy was confused and said "I see it in the system, you should be able to pre-order it today" After putting me on hold, he then said I should call back on Friday and I could order it then. While on the phone I hit refresh on AC and saw this article.

So close.....

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Yes. STOP THE PRESSES!!! VZW delayed the unannounced Galaxy Nexus!! Oh the humanity!

Stop. This is a non-story for 99.99% of the population. In this case we are the .01%.

I was actually waiting for the VZW version of the Galaxy S2. And they skipped it to possibly have this..... The GS2 has been out for a while and the GSM g- nexus has been out a while now too..... Sop expecting VZW to launch a phone that they admitted to planning when out was announced a month and a half ago is perfectly reasonable.

I really hope this is tied to the VZW 4G LTE outage currently happening in the Northeast.... Probably isn't, but I will talk my self into that theory for now. Otherwise I'm gonna really really be pissed off.

This thing better not turn into the HTC MERGE.

I bet it is tied into the 4G outage. I'm in Pittsburgh and 4G has been out since yesterday afternoon. And 3G speeds are absolutely, horrifyingly, utterly SLOW. Like 14kbps slow. I could hand deliver an email faster than I can send one.

Reading some reports that it may have something to do with recent outages with LTE. They might be waiting to have the issues resolved before launching what is most likely going to be their new flagship phone. Well Co-flagship with the IPhone.

This isn't going to be a flagship device. The phone is very niche and Verizon knows it. The people who read these blogs are the only ones who even know about this device let alone care. It will be one of those phones quietly announced and available the same day or the next.

at this point i don't even think the phone will sell very well. $700+ off contract is too expensive for any device. verizon sure dropped the ball. at this point if i could get a nexus s to work on verizon id buy that and run a fully functioning ice cream build. im also going to say that the galaxy nexus is one of the most overrated phones of 2011. the only reason people want it is for ice cream, the hardware is lacking.

It's not so much that it is lacking per se but rather it is another phone like the Nexus S which while nice didn't really set the bar for anything newer. The processor isn't the fastest available and the camera is reported to be kind of meh ... not bad but not up to what you usually see on Samsung phones. A lot of people were hoping this would be the first quad core phone.

The original Nexus One was the best Android phone on the market in all respects (design, hardware specs, and newest software), and set the bar for the next generation of Android phones. The nexus S was a meh device (not bad but not wowing either) hardware wise, and people were hoping this phone would be more like the original Nexus but again it is like the Nexus S, nice but still lacking compared top tier phones hardware wise like the Rezound, Vivid, and Skyrocket (and some would argue Razr/Bionic which are a step below).

There has been a lot of hating of the Rezound in the forums but hardware wise it is actually a better phone than the much lusted after Galaxy Nexus, and a lot of people who decided to "rent" the Rezound are not deciding to keep it after-all because they see this.

everyone ive talked to has said that the rezound is basically just like their thunderbolt. They say that they can't even tell that its dual core.

Same gpu that's in the nexus s I believe, not bad but it's old technology. The camera apparently isn't very good either.

I just bought a used nexus s to do that on sprint since who knows when it may be available to me. I saved my upgrade and sold my current phone so it only cost me $75 when all was said and done. If the gnex or something better isn't released for awhile I'm only out $75.

Thank You Smooth.. It sure the Hell is.. This is a phone for Coke Bottle Glasses Wearing Geeks.. That's about it.. and it will be 800.00 with Tax on that 649.00 plus the accessories.. and worst of all? 90% of the people buying it don't even have unlimited internet access! So what? are going to show people how fast the apps scroll ! what a waste of 800.00... ah.. The Geeks.. The Geeks..

I spoke to the Phone People at Costco who confirmed that they will have it in stock on Friday. They told me to call them Friday morning to make sure they are actually selling it though. The price(s) she gave me were 289-299, and that it will come with some bonus stuff, as Costco always does. Hopefully Verizon stops jerking people around, they really are a scummy ass company, but their network is the best, so I really have no choice.

He could be referring to the fact that when Google announced the Nexus One, there was going to be a Verizon version. A couple months later, that got nixed and the DInc came to VZW instead. Spec wise, they're very close, but the DInc had Sense and updates did not come from Google but HTC/VZW instead.

Help me! Another Nexus delay pushing me toward the Droid Razr. I know that's what Verizon seems to want, but I can't fight it any more. At least it's an embarrassment of riches in the good phone choice department.

Don't get the Razr, I rented it while I'm waiting for the GN and it's pretty terrible as far as radio quality and screen goes. I don't like it.

It's pretty simple... ALL phone knows is a joke, its rumors, they are all caused by all the websites reporting EVERYTHING that comes across their path to get page hits. The Nexus has turned out to be a joke, you have people avoiding upgrades to decent phones, anything from the bionic, rezound to the razr depending on your preferences, because of misinformation. Phone knows/rumors has gotten to be a complete joke over the past year specifically. We all talked about the bionic for half a year with random release dates, now nexus has been talked about for 4+ months with the same issue. Can't even blame verizon because not once did they ever come out and say a date, its us causing the issue. So now we wait, if no nexus this friday....then we just wait for the next round of fake dates and screenshots lol

Verizon ISN'T late; they never announced a release date. It's morons on forums like this who have a juvenile need to speculate on evrything, to review phone which haven't seen the light of day yet, and clearly have no life responsibilities except to take out the trash because Mom said to, who create the perception amongst the rest of the get-a-life crowd that the phone is late.

I don't think there has been a larger fail of a launch than this GNexus launch...

Verizon = FAIL!

I wouldn't be surprised if Google didn't pick Verizon as a Nexus carrier in the future and if they do it probably won't be an exclusive like this one.

Exactly how has it been a fail, because it didn't launch when YOU thought it should launch. It ain't late until they announce a date and miss it, you simpleton. You may not be smart enough to use the GNex...

JSKershaw = FAIL!

You'd think Google learned their lesson the first time with the nexus one. Seems like Google sold their soul to the devil to get the nexus on the largest network.

Wait, what are you talking about....?

Learned their lesson?

The only thing Google learned was that selling phones AROUND carriers rather than thru them didn't work.

So This time they sold thru carriers and look what it got them!!!

There is nothing about the Nexus One release that is like this release.

It would have been far better for Google to release a penta-band GSM phone that would work on any GSM network and abandon Verizon and their obsolete CDMA network that requires a perfectly good phone to be dumbed down, until they have LTE everywhere.

The good that shakes out of this is that Verizon will probably NEVER AGAIN be selected as a Nexus vendor.

Too expensive at launch. I may be a tech geek but even if I was able to upgrade I wouldn't spend $299 on a device I beat up pretty quickly and want to replace in a year and a half for the next big thing. I think $199 should still be the top end of smart phone pricing and I don't even like paying that much. I hope sales are soft and the price drops in a few weeks which will prove my point that consumers won't pay this much for a device unless it's expected to last 3-5 years or more.

Not a true gadget geek until you pay full retail for your first deice ;-)

4 years ago the top tier devices are all $299 (specifically I remember the BB 8830 World Edition and a couple Windows Mobile devices) and in the last few years the carriers started to cut deeper into their profit margins and further subsidize the devices to get them into more people's hands. Now that most people are on smartphones and they need the money to build out their 4G networks, combined with the obsession people seem to have with upgrading to the latest and greatest thing (complaining and doing whatever they have to to work the system to be able to do it) they instituted restock fees and now reducing the subsidies. It was only a matter of time before it happened. If you want the latest and greatest you are going to have to pay the piper.

I did not think it was possible to match HP's ineptitude when it comes to launching a new device/OS, but damn... Google and Samsung are oh so close! I didn't think HP would have any competition in the "how not to launch your flagship product" category, but I was dead wrong.

"They", meaning Verizon, never said "12/9" of any damned year. it was only geeks who have nothing better to do than speculate when a phone is coming out, who said 12/9/11, and then want to bitch about it when a carrier doesn't meet their imaginary deadline.

The same "logic" occurs when the same geeks speculate on a phone's specs/features, and then bitch that the actuality is something less than the 6-core, 1080p, 3D screened, ultra-phone with the "find me a date" app preinstalled...

I have been following this release for months and updating google searches every 20 minutes... I just called VZW they said no date for the galaxy nexus but she seemed to know more than she shared (called 4 other times earlier this week and they seemed very honest with me about not knowing).

I then called Costco...they said Friday without a doubt, she was your local stores and see what they tell you...I hope the delay is just a rumor, I cannot deal with my original droid anymore!

Yes, Costco could be wrong and didn't get the memo yet but it's something to keep my hopes up. Just wanted to share.

heh... at this rate, I won't have any temptation to switch to VZW before my contract is up cause Sprint will probably have it before VZW does LOL

I spoke with Costco as well and they said they expected them today/tomorrow to be sold on Friday. But we cant even blame them because I am sure they are just reading a screen, those little pixels forming the 12/9 could easily be changed to 1/6 heh. I seriously think this will be a very painful road for anyone just waiting for a Nexus, I have noticed in several places where they literally have hundreds of Razr's in stock, thats never good for a non "droid" brand phone due to be released.

I am skipping this phone. if Verizon is having so many problems getting this into the hands of people who are willing to sell the gold and silver fillings in their teeth in order to have it.....then it may be a phone I don't really want.

It may have more of a business decision then you think. Think about this, Nexus people only want a Nexus, they will wait. Now the people on the fence, or people who aren't crazy about phones, its 1 less option for them to buy. Wouldn't Verizon want to sell off more of their phones they just released? Read my previous reply, pay attention to how many Razr's are in stock in any store you walk in. My Costco only received 15 Bionics when it came out, 0 Rezounds (ship to home only) Yet they literally had hundreds of Razr's in stock. Im sure it's in Verizon's best interest to move some more phones prior to the nexus being released. I had the Bionic, have a Rezound on the way, was planning on going Nexus, I am pretty sure if there is no Nexus this Friday I will just stick with my Rezound.

This is a lesson to all of us to ignore all leaks, tips, clues, or any second-hand info that has anything to do with a possible sale date. If it's not an official Verizon announcement, it's garbage.

VzW has now finally ruined the Nexus name. I am so sick of waiting for this phone. I love their service but hate them as a company. The fact they haven't even said anything as far as a date goes publicly is total B.S. I hope Google never gives them a Nexus again!

Don't forget, it was all of us throwing out dates, never once did Verizon release a public date for this phone. Hate them for their overpriced and confusing billing, but not for a release date of a phone. We cant blame them if random ppl are posting a BB/Costco screen of a date that we weren't supposed to see in the first place :)

Its NOT just the dates issue.

Its the whole NFC issue as well. Not to mention forcing google's name off the phone.

Stop defending Verizon. The are by far the most abusive carrier in the US.

Then why do you waste you time posting in forums about a phone that will be carried by a carrier that you hate? Are you doing your version of "Occupy Verizon"?

Just a tad melodramatic aren't we?... Do they owe it to you to announce a date because YOU want them to? If you want to control release date announcements, why don't you start BrianTufoCellular?
Then you can announce any damned thing you want anytime you want; otherwise...relax.

Seriously? You're comparing the rumored launch of a cell phone to a day when over 2000 american citizens where killed, and another 1200 were wounded.

Just pointing out the irony of the date. I doubt anyone,even here,compares the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor to Verizon's attack on our hearts & wallets.

"You People", and by "You People" I mean the "Lench Mob" ready to go "Occupy Verizon", really need to take a step back and STFU with all the angst ridden posts! Verizon has never announced when the phone was coming to market other than "Coming Soon" and "Later This Year". Thus, anything that you've heard/seen about a release date has been speculation, BS and innuendo! The phone will get here when it gets here.

Truthfully I just dont like how they handled the launch Google/Samsung/Verizon are all to blame. If your phone is not ready to be launched dont announce it 2 months prior.. Thats one thing I like about apple, they are very organized and make sure their product doesn't loose steam with stuff like this... Its like here is the announcement and 2 weeks later boom here is the product! Samsung has probably lost buyers because alot of people are impulsive buyers.. You see the announcement your excited and ready to go buy. They wait too long, prospective buyers see the Razor and then they buy that.. Win for Verizon regardless but samsung and google kinda screw themselves and piss us off in the process!

I couldn't agree more, I am not an apple fan by any means, but they treat everything with equal importance. It pays attention to product development to marketing their product. It's not like hey we are making a nexus, have random people not even with the company releasing the specs, dates, accessories information. It's all proved to be incorrect, next thing you know the phone is in the store lol

You are so on the money, it ain't even funny. That's exactly how I feel 100%. You would think that after so many failed launches that somebody in the Verizon/Samsung/Google camp would have a clue by now. If it ain't ready, keep your fucking mouth shut. I am by no means an Apple fan, but at least they got this part of their shit together. It's literally announcement - two weeks - launch. I swear if it wasn't for the fact that I still have my unlimited data w/ verizon, I would've bounced when the SGS II came out on at&t. Verizon if absolutely clueless!

If your phone is not ready to be launched dont announce it 2 months prior..

The phone WAS ready the day it was announced by Samsung, and (just in case you haven't been paying attention) the phone is already released in Europe.

This is Verizon holding out for more concessions in the software, more bloatware, less NFC, maybe dumbing down the phone even more.

The phone has been ready for months.

It's not the same phone. The internals are different and thus required a different set of testing. If you don't like it switch ti AT&T or T-Mobile and import one.

Maybe Verizons process for releasing an update is so painful for them that they are trying to make the phone perfect before release. Guess they are used to having to wait 6 months between updates.

Why would Verizon make this phone perfect, when they have foisted horrible phones on their customers forever?

By perfect you mean stripping out Google Wallet / NFC so that one of the principal reasons Google developed the phone doesn't work?

Wallet and NFC were the financial driving force behind this Nexus, and Verizon killed it off.


As I stated before I really think the 15 lined up better being on a Thursday and the training going on today and tomorrow. best buy showing it coming in on the 11th I felt more things were pointing to this date if latter than that then big red has a issue with it to make it work.

this has to be because of the court ruling that hasnt been announced yet, apple vs samsung, sometime next week

Got the Rezound. Extremely happy with my choice. Better camera, hardware and screen. Still not sure what the obsession is with the Nexus other than ICS obviously. With rumoured release dates being pushed back again and again, HTC may have ICS on the Rezound before Verizon actually releases the Nexus... :)

Keep dreaming about HTC getting ICS on the Rezound even in the next two months. And even then it will just have one update to ICS and then it will be left alone. The Nexus will keep on getting updates for two years! That being said the screen on the Rezound is very nice.

Hi, this is pretty simple, its called root? I dream becomes a reality pretty darn quickly, including instant updates. There is a chance rezound owners will have ICS prior to you owning a Nexus at this rate..

You do realize that the original Droid Incredible recently got its second major android version release update don't you? Launched with Ecclair. Got Froyo a couple months later and now Gingerbread. Rezound owners don't need to worry. Our phones will get ICS early next year.

The obsession is people want a phone guaranteed to get timely updates direct from Google, free of manufacturer modifications (i.e. Sense, TouchWiz, Blur), and free of carrier and manufacturer bloatware that cannot be removed unless the device is rooted. The Nexus line is the equivalent to the iPhone. Google controls the software updates to Nexus just as Apple does for iPhone. Google doesn't lock down the boot loader, unlike HTC and Moto, making development of custom ROMs much easier. I could go on, but now you see why people that know anything about Android will want a Nexus device.

Exactly why I went for a used nexus s vs an evo 3d or a photon. I checked out xda development on those and it isn't pretty. A great phone is only as good as its os.

I'm about to give up on android. (at least on phones) I love the OS but can't stand all of the BS from the manufacturers and the carriers. My Vibrant is barely functioning. I have people telling me that they can't even leave me a message half of the time. Way to many FC and automatic reboots.

Definitely something wrong with it and I am ready to replace it, except for I can't get the phone that I want because they refuse to release it because some of these company's might actually make money not based on BS fees. I'm sick of the BS and if things don't change soon I am done. I am not going to reward these companies for incompetence or for just simple screwing me over.

Now to decide, WP7 or feature phone?

"because they refuse to release it because some of these company's might actually make money not based on BS fees."

There is no evidence suggesting that reason for the delay. If you want to use that speculation to justify to yourself some other purchase, that's fine.

id get an iPhone before wp7. maybe wp7 at end of next year will be better. but seriously you cant go wrong w/ a Samsung galaxy s2... with any of the 4 carriers.

For what it's worth, my VZW representative for their SF Financial District location just called me to let me know that I could pick mine up on Friday morning.

His call was subsequent to this article being posted.

Its either so the Droid 4 can soak the market cause Moto made a stink, or its because Verizon wants to release it after the "Double the Data" promo ends.

Gotta love conspiracytheorists. Lol Droid isn't launching till a couple days before Christmas. This phone is already in stores and will launch as soon as the LTE issue is resolved. Probably Sunday or Monday.

I don't think Verizon is going to get another Google launch with Samsung. I mean, seriously, this is ridiculous. The Samsung VP was on fox and friends a month(?) ago saying we are just waiting for Verizon. Holy Jeez! Now, if there are hardware issues like most Samsung phones then I understand a little. But seriously. I hope Sprint or T-mafia or AT&T get this 1week after....for $100 less

I wonder if some of this delay has to do with the "Verizon won't support Wallet" talk?

Could it be that this point of contention is still under negotiation and THAT'S been the sticking point all along?

I think that you probably hit the nail on the head. Verizon's effort to block Google Wallet just might violate rules put in place as a condition of receiving c block frequencies. I think Google's public statement that Verizon asked them to not provide the Google Wallet feature put Verizon in a tight spot. If they are smart, they are rapidly trying to see if they can reach some type of agreement with Google to allow Google Wallet on their phones. But then again, US carrier and smart seem to be opposite concepts.

You might be on to something here.

The C-Block issue affects the 700Hhz band, which is what Verizon uses for 4G/LTE.

Wikipedia has an article explaining the restrictions that apply to that frequency range.

First and foremost of these was Open applications: Consumers should be able to download and utilize any software applications, content, or services they desire.

Who cares, the phone will be inferior 2 days after it launches. Look what happened to all of you who waited for the Bionic, they announced the Razr a week later lol. As soon as this finally hits, the next best thing will be announced, probably a 8-core phone with 5G and Android 5.0 chocolate chip cookie OS, that pours Orange soda on demand. Who cares...

it's the newest and greatest nexus phone....that's all i should have to say, but i'm gonna say more because it won't be "inferior in 2 days"

The next best thing is quad-core and those phones won't come out for another 4-6 months.

5G is about 10-12 years away.

And J is after I, so Chocolate Chip Cookie is WAY wrong.

Bash Sprint all you want but they should of let Sprint have it first...

Sprint has really embrassed and appreciated the NS4G...

If any of you knew anything you would stop blaming verizon for delays that were brought on by software bugs... how bout putting blame in the manufacturing company...

You mean like all the bugs surfacing in the European Nexus Galaxy?
Oh, wait, there is only one known (and minor) issue with those phones.

Nice try Joe, but the problem is with Verizon.

I heard that they are scrapping this unit and making another device and calling that the same name and will release it in 6 months, and when it comes out, it will be pretty Meh because it took so long to release and no one will care...

Oh wait, that was when I was looking forward to the Bionic. I think you all may have to blame me since it seems to happen to the phones that I really want.

Sorry all.

I believe we belong in the same group, there are many of us out there, I swapped my bionic on monday for a rezound lol

Don't be ridiculous. This phone has been manufactured in bulk and is already in stores already. That was never the case with the original Bionic.

just tried to order through Verizon customer service.
Was able to put the order in but not process it. Supervisor was NOT able to override. No launch date was given but she's going to call me back when it's available for sale.

My Verizon store received only 20 nexus phones. That's the same amount of bb storms they received when it was first released. If they don't get anymore supply before Christmas then this phone will hopefully go for 900 on eBay (if the release is anything like the first bb storm). I think it will be because it has a lot of hype and controversy and that's what sells. I think this phone will be the hottest item and most wanted this Christmas. Congrats to Verizon I hope I can pocket an extra 500 after selling it on eBay lol :)

in all honesty, I wish vzw lost anything that they gained from having exlusivity for this phone. I would like to see the other companies come out and say that they have the Nexus coming on whatever date with no bloatware and Google Wallet up and running.

"Verizon’s 4G flakiness seemed to begin last night when some 4G devices (like the Droid RAZR in particular) began to exhibit SIM card authorization errors. Those issues apparently continue to plague Verizon certain customers today, and one of my retail sources tells me that some new Verizon 4G devices can’t be activated because of the network outage, which is the last thing Verizon needs going into holiday crunch time."

And said SIM card authentication errors would prevent 4G device from being activated.... here is the cause of our delay. Everybody can settle down now.

Yup, i agree. The delay i'm sure is related to the network issues VZW is experiencing. lol. Go figure!

Even back in november when people were starting to get mad for it not being out, I never thought this launch would reach the level of screwed up-ness that the bionic was at. Even just a week ago I didn't think it would get that bad. Well, I think its gotten that bad.


Its coming out on the 15th. They are finalizing some software issues. Be mad all you want but there is no delay as a launch date has never been announced. And for those that say well its been out in other countries, why don't we have it .. it is a completely different phone requiring a lot of changes to the software to run it. Other countries don't have the regulations that the USA has when it comes to phones and what they can and can't do. Deal with it.