Samsung Galaxy S5

Pre-orders begin March 24 both in-store and online

Carriers are starting to spill the beans on the pricing of the Samsung Galaxy S5, and T-Mobile has just released its own pricing information. The Galaxy S5 will run $0 down and $27.50 per month when paired with one of its Simple Choice plans, or if you want to buy outright you'll be spending a full $660. Pre-orders will go live on March 24th (that's this coming Monday) both in stores and online at, and T-Mobile states that anyone who pre-orders before March 31st will receive this "special introductory price."

Now it isn't exactly clear whether the full $660 is the "special" price, or just the fact that it's $0 down, or what the full price after March 31st will be. The information we have now shows just that one price, which at $660 in total seems like the "normal" price to us. But T-Mobile has done weirder things with phone pricing, so we'll have to just wait till Monday to see.

Source: T-Mobile

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T-Mobile Galaxy S5 price: $0 down and $27.50 per month


I still don't understand how people are buying into the whole uncarrier mess ... I been with sprint for 12 years why leave now .

I'm sure someone who has bought into the BS hook, line, and sinker will be along shortly to explain to you why T-Mobile is the best thing since the wheel.

Greed, instant gratification, self indulgence, and math literacy come into play, especially in the US.

Samsung can profit handsomely selling to the Ben Dovers of the world.

I appreciate T-mobile's aggressive uncarrier model as being good for consumers and pressuring American carriers. Yet, compared with Sprint (service in Southern California) subsized pricing and early termination fees, I see no reason to change. Moreover, I'm looking forward to Sprint Spark on my unlimited plan.

I wish you did also yet, don't you have wifi at work? Perhaps your work duties for which you're earning money don't involve using wifi on your smartphone.

Places that care about security will not let you connect whatever device you want, they have to be approved.

T-Mobile just wanted to compete with the other carriers by introducing innovative pricing plans that decoupled subsidies contract phones. Fuck them right?

Posted via Android Central App

But you're still paying the subsidy. And now they tell you that the plans start at 50 bucks a month but it doesn't include the phone.

Posted via Android Central App

You are not paying a subsidy, you are paying directly for a phone and you know exactly what you are paying. You have no idea how much you are paying on the other carriers. You could be paying much more for the phone than it is worth.

Posted via Android Central App

instead of paying full price up front for a phone, if you buy from Tmo, you pay for the phone in 2 years with no interest.

Now for other carriers, for example, when you pay $200 up front for a new phone, then you might think you can have the phone for only $200, and then you only need to pay monthly bills for 2 years. Well, not really. This is why other carriers' rate is much higher than Tmo. Because the rate includes the cost of the phone (but they don't tell ya!).

Agreed. Unless you're grandfathered in to something really cheap or you get some kind of special treatment for being a long-term customer, who gives a shit? You're nothing but money to the carrier, so why should they be anything more to you?

14yrs with Sprint now. 500mins/UNLT n/w @ 7pm/UNLT m2m/UNLT data/UNLT text/roaming on Verizon, etc etc, all for $59 and change after taxes/fees. Decent service here in the North East on a 5S and G2.

Exactly you could be with them for 50 years but that won't change the fact you're nothing but a line item to them. I even left T-Mobile for aio because I couldn't pass up unlimited talk, text, and web on AT&T's network for $35/month.

Posted via Android Central App

I actually have amazing service with sprint in DC.. Lte everywhere I go in the city ( and according to them only 40% of the towers in DC have been converted to lte so far.. so it will only get better and faster as they convert more!

Posted via Android Central App

Let me see... now I pay around the same price but actually am able to use my data. No more waiting around 15 minutes to send 1pdf email, no more waiting 20 minutes for a YouTube video to buffer. And my lte speed is actually LTE speed. Yea I no longer get a subsidized phone but that's what swappa is for. Loving my 20+ mbps data compared to the 1.5mbps on Sprint. But yea, I don't know why people switch.

Posted via Android Central App

@mark0309. I've been with Sprint since 2000. It works for me, I get a nice discount because of my employer. I live in the LA area, it works fine for me. However, some people report that they don't yet have LTE in their area or have poor connections. If Sprint doesn't offer reliable service where you are, then it's not a good proposition for you. The only place that I've been that Sprint has been unusable is the Las Vegas strip. I can't use data there the many times I've been. If I visited more often or worked there, then I would not use Sprint.

I can only speak for myself but I recently switched from VZW and now am saving about $100 a month and still get unlimited 4G LTE. That no contract stuff never mattered but the Jump program and WiFi calling/texting were a pretty nice icing on thee cake. My family is very happy with the change.

Also note, me and my wife switched from Sprint to VZW shortly after we met and Sprint screwed up my credit and continued to charge my wife service fees for a year and a half after both lines were cancelled and paid off in good standing. I am sure there practices may have changed since, but I don't trust them as far as I could throw them.

Posted via Android Central App

For one thing Sprint service really sucks. I'm on Sprint in Atlanta and supposedly with LTE and Spark and I get absolutely pathetic speeds. My son's on T-Mobile has service every place Sprint has around here and he gets whopping 10+ Mbps all over Atlanta. T-Mobile's first and second line are about the same as Sprint, but the 3rd, 4th and 5th lines are $10 for unlimited talk+text+500M real 4G speeds. Add another $10 for 2.5GB and another $10 gives 5GB. Nobody beats those prices. Get a Nexus 5 for $350 or $400 and you have totally recovered your money and saved a lot more over Sprint. The only reason to not move to T-Mobile is if their coverage is not good in your area.

A lot of people think by doing that installment plan price of $27.50/month for 24 months is a great deal. Even though that adds out to be $660. Considerably more than the other carriers who will sell it for the usual flat one time charge of $200 with a two year contract. Now I see why rent to own places are madly popular.

Posted via Android Central App

But I heard that the phone is around that price anyway. So basically you are locked in to a contract for around 2 years just to get a phone for cheaper up front? On JUMP, I can pay the phone off quicker than 2 years I if I wanted to. But to each their own I guess.......

Posted via Android Central App

Thinking that your phone actually costs $200 is the reason you don't need T-Mobile. I laughingly respect that decision.

Posted via Android Central App

If you don't want to pay the installment route then simply buy the phone outright. No Carrier offers the great plans that T-Mobile offers. I have real unlimmited data, text and voice without speed throttling for $75 a month. My data speeds are faster than all other Carriers, I know because I have checked. I get on average 35mb down and 20mb up, these are daytime speeds. At night they are even faster. On top of this plan T-Mobile throws in free tethering, 2.5mb. I am freaken thrilled. I added a tablet to my plan for an extra $10 a month + a certain amount of free data for life on the tablet. Not sure on the exact amount. Use the tablet on wifi. T-Mobile has all bases covered. If you get good T-Mobile service in your area you would be nuts not to give them a try. I had Verizon with grandfathered unlimited data plan. Dropped them due to my data speeds had dropped so slow it was just pathetic. AT&T data speeds were faster than Verizon but only 1/2 the speeds as T-Mobile in my area, this is a no brainer to me. (Live in Suburb of Boston)

This is true, however, with JUMP, you can trade up so you'll always have something new. Essentially, you're like leasing the phone for $27.50 a month.

I read ALL the comments on savings or not using t mobile... and no one said the best thing why I am with them... wi-fi calling.
With wi-fi calling activated (As I know, only t mobil has this option) in your Galaxy 3,4 or 5 you can make calls or messages if you are in a wi-fi zone no matter where you are, your call will appear to the T mobil company as LOCAL call. I made calls and texting from Mexicali Mexico, from Guadalajara Mexico, from Puebla Mexico... to ALL the cities in the USA territory...its amazing to have calls, data and messages using wi-fi as a normal wireless carrier. For me (I live at the border USA-Mexico) just paying the basic cost for my line and be in contact with ALL the world staying in Guadalajara and making believe the people I call that I am in USA is a real good key!

i'm on tmobile, I don't buy the "no contrat" bull because if you leave you have to pay the remainder of the phone balance which could potentially end up being more than a cancellation fee that other competitors have.

For me though, I am paying a little less then when I was with sprint, and in return I get excellent 4G LTE signals where i live, something i never had w/ sprint, but that was like couple years ago.

they do i got 4 lg g2 for free i saved 2000 dollars and waiting for the new galaxy and htc one and each line is only 45 dollars

You got those LG's on special last year. I remember when Sprint has that promo. The people I knew thought Tmobile was the only way to go. Now all they do is complain about too many devices congesting the home Wifi. I laugh and pull out a smoke, while they realize I'm going to SPARK one up.

Posted via my SPARK enabled Sprint LG G2, with 32GBs of internal memory and no sdcard. (Bring on 4.4.2, I can handle it.)

That's why you buy the phone outright on T-Mobile. I bought mine six months ago, and pay 68.00 a month for unlimited everything. No other carrier is close.
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heck no, i'm not dumb, it's same as being on ATT or any other network difference is they are taking it on to my bill.

Except what Verizon and AT&T don't tell you, is that what they charge for subsidies is higher than if you paid for the phone yourself and went onto a prepaid plan.

Got Nexus?

I love my note 3,but the S5 is definitely calling my attention and I'm debating my next decision, specially cause I'm in the jump plan so I can upgrade already..

Posted via Android Central App

I DON'T KNOW!!! :( It's killing me. The Note3 is "better" based on my needs. Why do I keep thinking I want an S5? Gahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

All depends on how much you pay for the phone and what your service price is. In the long run you could pay less if you don't upgrade your phone as often.

Posted via Android Central App

$27.50 a month? I think that will make this the most expensive phone T-Mobile sells. iPhone 5S might be just $27 a month. How much is the Note 3?

Note 3 is still $708 on T-Mobile

I just don't feel like the hardware is better than the note 3. And the note looks much better and has much more functionality with the spen. The s5 just seems to add a bunch of gimmicky stuff and a TON more bloatware.

I will keep my Note 3

Posted via Android Central App

The Note 3 isn't waterproof.

Posted via my SPARK enabled Sprint LG G2, with 32GBs of internal memory and no sdcard. (Bring on 4.4.2, I can handle it.)

True, it's a big trade off -
Internal memory + RAM n s pen for camera n waterproofing
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VZW Moto X

How did this turn into a Sprint thread? Lol

I had Sprint for years, overall decent experience. The LTE just never came at a pace I could deal with. T-Mobile fixed that for me and kept my bill reasonable. If they end up joining forces that could be interesting. I see no reason to leave T-Mobile at this time as I am happy with their services.

I'm looking forward to seeing if the Samsung train slows down with the S5 and if some other players really shake things up. Sony, HTC, Motorola, LG & many others all have great new devices on the horizon.

Posted via G2 + Nova

"Normal" price will be $180 down and $20/month. This "special" pricing will stop all (most) of the JUMP subscribers from swapping their S4 for an S5 on release day because $0 down and $27/month makes JUMP mostly suck. You'd be trading in your S4 to get nothing but a higher monthly payment. Once the initial surge of the first week or so has died down, they'll revert to $180/$20 pricing and then all of the JUMP people can get their S5 devices.

Funny coincidence - pre orders to start 1 day before the HTC One launch.
Sammy scared, yo :)

Posted via Android Central App
VZW Moto X

Yep, that is correct. That's what happened to me. So I just get my phones over at swappa.

Posted via Android Central App

Or $180 down, and the same $20/mo that I am currently paying for my S4. I would prefer to keep my monthly bill the same. The S5 isn't worth the extra $7.50/mo anyway. I'm happy with my S4, I will just sit back and be patient for the time being.

Posted via Android Central App

I'll probably be ordering mine next Monday. Love the way T-Mobile works over WiFi.
Does anyone know if, or when, they'll carry the Gear or Pebble?

Posted via Android Central App

Just to keep everyone current, Sprint is enabling calls over wifi according to an Android Central article posted some time ago.

Agreed, the calling/texting over WiFi is awesome, too bad they didn't make the program a downloadable app so I could have gotten the Nexus 5 but they don't allow them to have it no matter what the site tells you.

Posted via Android Central App

I like how people think this is a fantastic deal. If you take 27.50 and multiply it by 24 it equals $660!!!!! That's way more than the other carriers who will sell it for a flat $200 on a two year contract.

Posted via Android Central App

That's 200 plus the higher cost for 2 years. I pay 68.00 a month for unlimited everything on T-Mobile. The phone is decoupled from the service. I can keep my phone, or sell it whenever and buy anything I want. How much is unlimited 4G on all of the other carriers? Sprint has it, but they are 80.00 a month, or, 20.00 a month higher... With 200.00 down for the phone....hmmm

Posted via Android Central App

Exactly why I'm using T-Mobile. Gets just as good coverage in my area as the other ones but is way cheaper. Saving money now and saving even more at the end of the year when I pay off the 3 phones we're using. Paying $170.00 a month for 3 lines, once phones are paid off I'll be paying $110.00.

Posted via Android Central App

Is there still news of the Galaxy F (prime) coming out later this year. Will it be worth the wait compared to buying the S5

will S5 pre-orders start midnight,
i.e.Sun Night 11:59pm 3/23, or,
what time on 3/24 will it start? Pacific or Eastern Time Zone?

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