Spigen Slim Armor case

The Spigen Slim Armor case is soft on the inside and hard on the outside, just like your favorite blogger


We all try to be careful with our expensive Androids. But sometimes, stuff happens and they escape our clutches — usually when we're on a hard surface that guaranteed to break things that fall on it. Like the rocks of Mordor, or the parking lot at Winn-Dixie. It's those times that a good case can save your bacon. The Spigen Slim Armor case for the Note 3 is that good case.

It's a two part case, where a supple rubber inner lining meets a hard plastic candy coated shell. It looks nice on the Galaxy Note 3 — I'm digging the "Crimson Red" version — and it adds very little bulk for the amount of protection if gives. For those who aren't into bright red, the Slim Armor case also comes in Soul Black, Dodger Blue, Metal Slate, and Infinity White.

All the holes and buttons and slots are precision cut, and the case fits like a glove. It was designed so you're able to mix and match the outer shells, but the case is a bit too difficult to separate the two pieces while installed to make that practical. Too much flexing and bending of the Note 3 for me to feel comfortable, so I have to advise against it. Just take the whole case off if you want to switch colors. It fits snug and won't fall off, but it comes off with little squeezing and prying.

Once it is on, your Note 3 is going to be able to take a little accidental punishment. Add a good screen protector, and you'll be set for just about any mishap that doesn't involve liquids or explosives. Or both. The corners wrap nicely, the buttons and ports are easy to to work, and the S Pen slides in and out like designed because of the generous cut out. I really like the Spigen Slim Armor case, and I'm not a fan of using a case, as my scratched phones will attest.

You spent over $500 on the Note 3. Spending $27 more for a case this nice makes sense.


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Spigen Slim Armor case for the Galaxy Note 3


I have the blue one! At first it felt like it got bigger, but I already got used to it, especially when I know my phone is always safe from scratches and falls.

I have the blue one also. It is a sweet case. I also have the Spigen Ultra Fit case. They are great!

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I've the Neo Hybrid in black/silver for mine. The fit of Spigen cases are top notch, and the buttons are easier to use than without a case. Sure they cost more than most cases you can get off Amazon but you get what you pay for.

I have the black slim armour on the LG G2. Best case I had on a phone

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The Slim Armour case is great, I know there are a few that would obtain a little crack above the volume button (in the plastic) but at least Spigen replaces them pretty fast. Never had trouble with mine.

I started with the slim armor then I went to the slim armor view. The only issues I've had with both cases is the headphone jack access. I have found that certain plugs are too wide to fit in the hole, so if you use the headphone jack a lot you definitely want a plug with a thin profile.

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THIS! I love the slim armor case on my Nexus 5 but the one thing that I found out the hard way was that the headphone jack opening in the case is smaller than other cases I've used. You do have to use a thin profile 3.5 mm cable. I wonder if it's the same with this version for the GN3.

I tried the Slim Armour case when I owned the Galaxy S4 and was so impressed that I also tried their Neo Hybrid version which was even better. As soon as I got my Note 3 I knew the only case that would do this phone justice is one from Spigen. I got the Neo Hybrid in silver/black and its amazing how it makes an already beautiful phone so much more attractive. I am constantly getting inquiries from strangers about my phone which has never happened before. Build quality in top notched and adds very little bulk to the phone.

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I have been using the Spigen Neo Hybrid case since October. Great product. Considering the Spigen S-view case when I am confident the Kit Kat issues are resolved.

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Yeah mine works fine

You really should see the crap I don't post. Sorry if honesty offends you

Looks nice. I've always wondered when reviewers try out these cases, if they do drop tests just to see how secure the phones really are.

Amazon has the crimson red for $15.99, free 2 day shipping for Prime members. Other colors are $17.69, jus saying..

I have one on my Galaxy S4, the metal slate one, and I must say that this case is just about perfect for my needs. It provides excellent protection for it's price and size. Yes, there are definitely other cases that would provided more protection but they are generally much bulkier and pricier.

One thing about this case, and the reason I bought it, is it just barely comes over the lip of the phone and doesn't cover the screen at all even on the S4 with it's tiny bezel. This means that the slide-in menu function found in newer holo styled apps, such as most Google apps and an ever-increasing number of 3rd party apps, will work perfectly.

The case also comes with a few stickers for the home button which have made it much more comfortable and convenient to use. The button was always too flat for my liking.

I have this case only the s view version.

It rocks

You really should see the crap I don't post. Sorry if honesty offends you

I've been using the Neo Hybrid (the one with the white band) for my white Note 3 for the past 4 months and it's been great so far. I admit that the case is little bulky but at least it's well made and it's beautiful and it actually protects the phone. My cat "accidentally" pushed my phone from 1+ meters height and there was no damage to the phone. The case really absorbed most (if not the whole) of the impact.

For something this expensive, I expected a "no questions asked" warranty policy. Instead, Spigen requires that you buy it from a selected-few retailers (Amazon, spigen's website) in order to provide warranty. This is a deal breaker for me.

Spigen makes excellent cases. I have their gray Bounce case on my white Note 3. It looks great and adds very little bulk. I've even dropped my Note 3 in the Bounce case twice now, from about 4.5 FT high each time. Neither the case or the phone have ANY damage whatsoever!! I highly recommend their Bounce case for the Note 3!

I have one on my note 3 and love it ! Need to order one for my wife the only compliant is by the charging port the edges are slightly sharp and can be uncomfortable when texting !

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I have this case for my note 3 and I also had it for my nexus 5 and one big difference between them is.... The nexus was aluminum and the note 3 version is plastic. I'm not overly impressed with the note 3 version, I have the black one and it's a very slippery plastic shell over the rubber

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That's my phone case, trust me it's really good at keeping my phone from breaking and it's not much added bulk

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Love mine, had it since launch (of the case)

Even saved mine from a couple of near catastrophe with liquids, once on a ride when my camel pack sprung a leak, and once (today) from a can of Pepsi Max tipping over it!

So I wouldn't go swiming and expect safety, but splashes seem protected.

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I had this case for a short time but it ended up breaking around the volume buttons after only a few weeks.

Uhhh, why this case? Nothing, I mean, NOTHING compares to the slimness and durability of otter box. You buy this case you are wasting your money and time. Get REAL protection from otter box defender series cases. Love them and wont purchase anything else.

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My previous case was an Otterbox Commuter (for Atrix 4G) and... it broke. The rigid outer shell broke near one of the inputs and that was the end of it. This wasn't from a hit or drop. This phone was always in a pocket somewhere so I can only speculate that somehow this was caused by normal wear-and-tear.

I now have a Note 3 and have been using the Spigen Slim Armor (Metal Slate) for a few months now and am extremely satisfied with it. It was half the price of the Otterbox, and not only does it match the Otterbox for protection, it far outshines it in terms of design and look.

As soon as I read the caption under the picture, I knew this had to be written by Jerry lol

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i purchased one of this and it broke from the sides with in a month , to be fair it broke because i always carry extra batteries with me and always need to take the case off and on to exchange them

I've got the crimson red case, paired with my black SN3 it looks great and offers me the protection I'm looking for. The only extra bit of protection for me to get is a Spigen Glas.Tr screen protector, although I have film protector on at the moment, this glass protector should give me all the protection I need without adding too much extra bulk.

If I had any criticism for the Slim Armor is the hard plastic shell, which looks great in red, I have a few slight scratches on one edge and it looks like the base plastic is a white colour with the finish colour having been applied after, which may not look very good over time as more wear and tear occur

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I've owned this case and phone since Thursday and I love it. Slim yet very protective.

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I have the Neo Hybrid in Champagne Gold as well as the S View Slim Armor case. Also everyone,get the 9h iLoome screen protector .Highly recommend this product.

Sporting the s view slim armour myself. Can only recommend that case if you're going for the extra protection.

I got one yesterday and put it on, and dropped the phone as the sides are to slippery. Returning it today. I liked it but with the sides so slick I could not hold it like I am use to.

Got this case and the S-View version too. The only problem I've found is that the cutout for the USB 3.0 charging cable is a smidge on the small side; and if the cable moves a tiny bit, it falls out.