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Get six of Disney's previously 99 cent apps, for free

Update: all 6 of the Disney apps have gone back to 99 cents. It appears this was an error in Play Store pricing that only lasted a few hours. The original story is below.

Six of Disney's apps went on sale today in the Play Store. Previously coming in at 99 cents each, all six can now be downloaded for free. This includes one live wallpaper and five games:

It's interesting that some of these apps already have free versions in the Play Store, and Disney chose to also offer their 99 cent counterparts for free. We don't know how long these apps will stay in the Play Store as free downloads, or if more will be added to the list, so download them now if any of these interest you or your kids. Temple Run has always been very popular, and Wreck-It Ralph was previously chosen as an App of the Week. Feel free to hit the comments with your own picks and recommendations.

Update: Apparently that was a temporary feature bug, and you should now have to shell out for the apps again. Hope you grabbed 'em while you could.

Thanks, Abhishek!


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Select Disney apps now free in the Play Store (updated)


"We don't know how long these apps will stay in the Play Store as free downloads"

Well, according to the Google Play Support:

"Please note that once you have published an application for free, you cannot later add a price to that app. You'll need to create new app and add a price to the new app."

I'm pretty sure I've seen app go on sale (i.e. working with Google to do a temporary promotion) for free and then go back to regular price. But maybe I'm remember incorrectly. Can anyone confirm?

No, what usually happens is that the app goes on sale for 0.10$ or 0.5$... I've never seen any paid app get free, and that was mainly what brought me to here, because for me it was a first.

Yep, as per Google play store policy - "Setting the price to 'Free' is permanent. You cannot change it back to 'Paid' again after publishing". But there could be exceptions when Google comes to play. For example, the minimum price that you can set for any app (apart from free) is $0.99. But I've seen Google supported promotion sales offering apps at $0.50 etc.

I paid for most of these already & now they're free ... so early adopters are now supporting Disney?! C'mon now.
For small Devs it's ok I gladly support them & have no problem with them later turning it free but Disney? What's next, EA & Zynga?

how is this any different than purchasing a Mickey Mouse T-Shirt for $14.99 and then seeing it go on sale for $9.99? Companies are always dropping prices on their products after they've been around for a while.

Looks like google is having some issues. They show up as $.99 on some pages, and free on others, but I can't get any of them to install at all. They all error when I try.

This was most definitely a mistake. Kudos to those who got in on it, but I loaded several of these pages and they showed as free with the "Install" button. Then I tried to actually install them and now I'm getting errors on all of them.

Dang, back to paid. Downloaded them all for my son on his account on the Nexus 7 and by the time they all downloaded (all were very large files and downloaded very slow) and I went to download them for my daughter they were back to $0.99. Hate it when that happens.

I clicked install on all of them on the web (not the app). Some downloaded and some didn't, but all are showing up as purchased. So I should be able to download them in the future.

But now I feel like I stole something; I thought they were legitimately on sale.

I saw it this morning but thought it was suspicious because they still had the free version too. I thought they probably made it fremium.

Learned my lesson. Download first, ask questions later.

I got them but didn't install all of them in morning cause that would take a while and I need my battery juice for the day. Now I'm finding that they are still in "My apps" and labeled as Purchased.
I want to thank AppSales and specially Casey Rendon for noting the app in the "Apps of the week" last Sunday.
I'm feeling like I cheat $6 from Disney and happy about that. Lil disappointed Temple Run: Oz wasn't free. Maybe after the bargain I grabbed today I'll spare them the dollar

*High Five* For AppSales!!
I'm glad i downloaded them immediately.
It's been a very reliable app so far, but I wish
they would add a few more features.