Galaxy Tab 10.1 Available Today

Good morning Android Central readers! Today, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is available.  The Tab had a special launch event in NYC last week, but it's finally available online and at Best Buy and other retailers nationwide.  If you're picking up Tab today, be sure to post in the forums and let us know what you think of it.


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Samsung Galaxy Tab available nationwide today


I can't wait for the work day to be over so I can go home. I pre-ordered mine last week thru Amazon and it was shipped yesterday. It should be at home by the time I get off work. I'm very excited! Amazon and their Amazon Prime service rocks. :)

Out of three BB stores in town, only one had it in stock, and they had a bunch. I asked for a grey metallic one and the assholes gave me a white one. Didn't know until I opened it at work. Great so far!

Does anyone have a source that mentions a Canadian Release Date?
Or, if I buy it from a US store, can I use it in Canada seamlessly...without caring about the warranty valid in the US of course.

It doesn't have broadband yet, I don't understand why just WiFi is so exciting. It's like having half a toy with no options to get the other half. I'll wait for the 4G version.

I will get the wifi only version. I spent extra on the 3g version of the first ipad and only used it once because I am always around wifi. I wasted money on another plan and eventually just canceled it. If I really need data on the go I will just use the hotspot feature on my phone instead of throwing money away on a version for the sake of having a 3g radio that quill never be used.

Every where except Best Buy. Five BB's not a one in the store... Oh but they had 300 in their warehouse. Hard to sell them from there.. Major fail. Why the hell would BB & Samsung have nationwide release but none in stores??? Douche bags! Returned my second TF this morning. Received it from yesterday, charged it and it would turn on. Spent 3 hours trying to get it on. ASUS said sent it in we will repair it.... Are you shitting me? Repair it?? Guess I'm just not meant to have a tab.

Having to wait for them to be delivered here too. They should've had them delivered earlier. If I hadn't sold my xoom for a $400 best buy gift card, i'd pick it up elsewhere.

Looks like I'm not the only one a little upset that BB doesn't have it in stock. I was told it's on the truck to be deliver. I bet if it was an iPad2 they would of had it first thing in the morning shoving it down your throat as soon as you walk in the door.

1st...went to BB wasn't open until 10am!...2nd went to another BB again... didn't open until 10am!...3rd waited till it opened...and they didn't have any...wont get them until Sun!!!...4th...went back to 1st BB and all they had were the white 16GB and I want the grey 32GB!!!
BB sucks I knew I should have just got it online and I would probably have it by tomorrow.

I had called BB yesterday to make sure they were going to get some of the 16GB ones, and the sales rep said that they had eleven 16GB and four 32GB. I went to BB on my lunch break today and they didn’t have them on display, so I asked one of the employees if they had any. He said they did but only the 32GB ones (2 in each color). I asked him to check again because of my previous phone call the day before, and it turns out they had 2 of the 16 GB ones left (one in each color). I’m loving the Tab now, it’s just as awesome as I thought it would be. Now the problem is actually being productive for the rest of the day at work…

My local best buy didn't have any 32's in stock, but they had plenty of the 16gb models in both colors.

can anyone confirm weather or not this Tablet has a 3MP or 8MP rear facing camera? Best Buy is showing 3MP and here it is showing that it is a 8MP?

Settings give me 3.2MP, but the shots arn't bad. a 8MP camera would be pretty grainy I think. I haven't looked at the user's manual yet.

Stopped at bestbuy this morning, but they do not have any instock. So I grabbed one from Fry's electronic, they have plenty... also, check other stores.

Woke up @ 6AM and pre-ordered 16GB grey from BBY and opted to pick up at store by work. By the time I got to work, received email that ready to pick up. Drove to BBY @ 9AM when they opened and received as promised. Proceeded to waste rest of day @ work. It is awesome.

I could not find any Gtab's at BB in the DFW area. However, they had 10 at Fry's on Northwest Highway, (16gb Grey metallic) and I got mine along with a case today.

On my way home to play with my latest gadget. I got a feeling my 7in Gtab won't see much action this weekend.