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IFA 2014 Samsung's new Galaxy Note 4 introduces new multitasking features, including easy access to windowed mode through a swipe-down gesture and revamped multiwindow capabilities allowing you to run more than one app on-screen. But for Android enthusiasts, the most interesting change might be the move to an Android L-style task-switching menu. Press the Note 4's recents key and you're greeted by a Rolodex-style arrangement similar to what we know is coming in the next version of Google's OS.

There are subtle differences, of course, including the use of buttons in the top-right corner. (And of course the Note 4 is running Android 4.4.4 KitKat, not Android L.) So this isn't quite the same as the stock Android arrangement we've been seeing in the developer preview for the past few months. Nevertheless, it shows Samsung's efforts to get out ahead of the competition with the look and feel of an important flagship device.


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Galaxy Note 4 uses Android L-style task switcher


Ah, that was what I was thinking during the keynote! He used it to switch between apps when he was copy-pasting and I just couldn't put my finger on what it was they had made different. :D

Likely! We'll know soon. If it's going to be on the market for October, it will have to go through the FCC soon.

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For someone who hates the looks of this device, you sure do seem to peruse all the articles about it, just to make comment after comment about how ugly it is. Hmmmm? Interesting.

The simple truth is that to anyone but a fanboy or hater, they both look..... like...... phones. Black rectangular shapes with rounded corners and a black face with a big screen on it.

99% of cell phone buyers who DON'T hang out on sites like this couldn't tell one from the other unless you had them right next to each other.

I wondered what the trade off would be for KNOX, now we are getting a small picture. Some of "L" getting incorporated into TouchWiz....

I wouldn't be surprised if L isn't changed much by Touchwiz. There were rumors about ti earlier in the year and this is the first signs. Android L is quite good, Samsung doesn't need to do much.

Yeah I would not be either. Not sure if you are aregular around here (the name slips my mind a bit) but can you imagine the hurt around here if L and TW were kissing cousins?

This probably has more to do with making it more L-like so that when L comes down the pike, users aren't surprised by changes. It's good that they're doing it though. It probably means they're going to be even closer to stock in the future.

HTC's Current sense multitasking situation is so far my favorite, but I also enjoy kitkats's. I have Android L on my nexus, and the tabs are sub par

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