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You've seen our hands-on with the Samsung Galaxy Camera, you've read through the specs, now here's some more, boys and girls.

We've got a whole bunch of images of the newly announced Samsung Galaxy Camera for you after the break.

Who do you love?. 


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Samsung Galaxy Camera gallery


This thing will never see the light of day, it looks way too much like Apples camera that they haven't released yet or announced or even thought of for that matter. Clearly I'm being silly, but some people ya know.

lol, I am sure Crapple has already put their attorneys to work so that they can now sue Samsung again over the camera, because it infringes some of the patents that Crapple may like to use with their "future/unannounced" camera.

I'm really interested to see these types of devices, especially with the idea of them always being connected. I have two concerns: 1) battery life 2) boot time. I'm not constantly taking pictures, so the first item might not be a huge deal. If the device takes forever to boot then the moment might be lost so I'd be interested to know what they've done to avoid that.

could you image one jean company suing another jean company for similarity product? this world would be fill with single kind products with no improvement whatsoever. boring!!!!

what other scenerio are there?

OMG, where's the picture of the other (wide) side? I think that's where the USB port and 3.5mm headset jack are. I'd like to confirm if there's a 3.5mm headset jack (and if it supports a mic). Ya know, I reckon this can easily be a part-time phone & text with Google Voice and GrooVeIP. And yes, rap, the battery is removable, you can tell from the pic it is like a typical P&S camera battery. I think that's a micro HDMI port next to it, and the actual USB port is on the non-pictured side.