Samsung 2100mAh Extended NFC Battery w/ Door for Verizon Galaxy Nexus

Sometimes your power-hungry Verizon Galaxy Nexus just needs a little bit of extra juice. With all that 4G LTE'ing you'll be doing, streaming videos and opening webpages in a snap, things can get drained pretty fast. What is a media consuming, data using, Nexus owner supposed to do? Slap an official, Samsung 2100mAh Extended NFC Battery for Verizon Galaxy Nexus in their phone and get back to it!


This extended battery gives you an extra 250mAh of charge, and while that might not seem like much, it made a noticeable difference in my real-world use. If you're a heavy user (like I normally am), you're still going to have to go searching for the charging cable at some point in the day. If you're a light-to-moderate user (and you have a solid data connection), you can expect to get through the better part of the day without needing to charge. (Think leaving in the morning and arriving home after work.)

The one caveat to using this extended battery is the slight (very slight) bump it'll give the back of your phone. The entire package is actually the battery and a replacement door, and while you can certainly discern a difference in thickness the first time you swap the bigger battery in, you'll quickly become accustomed to it. The bigger battery and door slightly round out the back a bit, so instead of there being a slight flare at the bottom of the phone, it's all one thickness.

Fortunately, the thickness isn't so thick that it'll ruin using your favorite cases (probably). All of the TPU cases I tried with the extended battery went on without issue and fit comfortably snug, wrapping up my Galaxy Nexus in a nice, plastic hug.

To give you a better idea of the difference in thickness, we've included a couple of pictures after the break.


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Samsung 2100mAh Extended NFC Battery for Verizon Galaxy Nexus [accessory review]


Nope, they take a different one.

Also, if you have a Seidio Surface case, you can't use the extended battery with it. Disappointing too since the one that fits the extended battery only comes in black :(

All of you Sprint users wondering if this would fit in your Galaxy Nexus, I am here to report that it does indeed work. You will have to snip off two of the snap-in arms on the door. Its not pretty, especially since it says Verizon Wireless on the door, but it will work.

Trying to understand this article. I got the battery and cover from Verizon in March for $25 when all 4g phone batteries were on sale.