Android 4.2.2 for Verizon Galaxy Nexus

Manual update file also is available

Just a quick reminder, folks, that Android 4.2.2 (Build JDQ39) is now available for the Verizon Galaxy Nexus. You get all the benefits that other Galaxy Nexus owners have enjoyed for months, including DayDreams, lock screen widgets and the new trace keyboard, among other improvements.

Folks are reporting that the update is pushing out over the air. Or if you hate waiting and want to update manually, you can snag the file straight from Google here. (via XDA) As always, hit up our Verizon Galaxy Nexus forums if you need help or have any questions.


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Reminder: Android 4.2.2 pushing now for the Verizon Galaxy Nexus


Only if you are flashing a ROM with 4.2.2 since the Maxx only has 4.1.2 as the last official ROM released a few weeks ago.

I wouldn't say too long. As a Gnex owner it would have been nice to have the first two builds. But that they were pretty buggy, and 4.2.2 was only released a month ago or so this isn't a bad turnaround time. Is this build flawless? Probably not, but hoping it doesn't have the same connectivity issues my N7 had on those other builds.

So much for all the "Geniuses" with articles like this = www . - explaining why it takes so long.
The fact that it took "only" a month blows many holes in his article. With that said, they could have done it in a few days if they wanted to. there is nothing in 4.2.2 that would cause it NOT to work any Gnex. Nor, are there any special hardware requirements. Google tested it on the original variants of the phone and ONLY added software fixes and improvements. Google could easily push this out, bypassing Samsung and Verizon if they wanted to, just like they do with the 4,7 and 10 After all. we are the "Testers" not V or S. If they actually tested the products, why do we, the consumers, always discover all the bugs!

Installed it on my daughter's yesterday. She loves the new camera features and the quick settings.

Now I have no reason to believe that Samsung will actually push Android 4.2.2 to non-yakju Galaxy Nexus devices such as yakjuux, yakjuxw, etc. I think so because these non-yakju devices have recently been updated to Android 4.2.1... I bet that's "good enough" for Samsung...

Bu they do.

The process for yakjuXX is Google gives it to Samsung. Samsung gives it to carriers. Carriers test and push out to phones.

I stand corrected. I didn't know samsung sold them themselves.

I would flash that thing over to the standard Google image and not wait for samsung. If possible

If I'm not mistaken I believe Phil or Jerry did an article where you could flash the takju version (I believe its the play store phone) onto the yakju version and get the updates straight from google.

Yeah there was a tutorial that i saw when I was researching my mistake from earlier. I am no gnex master but it seemed easy

Google develops it on hardware provided by the Manufacturer. It is then put into production. If and only if the Manufacturer decides to skin it do they do anything more then load it on the phones as they are produced Same goes for Carrier options. They don't test anything, the phones already work and are ready to go when they arrive from the OEM. They just add crapware to them. Google proved this with the nexus 4, just as Apple has with every phone they sell. once the Google, Apple or MS finish the software its installed and ready to go. All the delays after this point are because of Androids "open approach" and Google allowing the manufactures and Carriers to bastardize it's product in order to get them to sell it.

If you don't want to wait for the OTA, this has worked for many users.
Settings>Apps>All>Google Services Framework>Disable>Force Stop>Clear Cache>Enable
Hit back twice, scroll down to About Phone and hit update
Credit goes to a DroidLife member

Did it a few hours after the announcement over a day ago, took me 3 trys.

Just Remember to have WIFI ON first

I tried this, and now my Google Services Framework doesn't show up at all even after reboot. Now when I click on About Phone there is no option to check for an update at all. How do I re-enable Google Services Framework if I can't even find it in the ALL category of the Apps section?

I hope this isn't the last update Verizon does for the GNex. I don't mind the wait, I see it as lets forget they're late to the party and just be happy they showed up.

I'm a little curios as to when Google will stop pushing updates to the GSM GNex. Hopefully it gets key lime pie. With the exception of the camera I think its a pretty good phone overall.

I got the OTA on three separate Gnex's today. It installed fine on two of them, on the third, it fails. This phone had the leaked OTA of 4.1.1 installed late last summer/ fall. I had to unlock it to install it back them. when the 4.2.2 leak hit a few weeks ago, it too, wouldn't install. After two attempts today, I re-locked it and put the stock recovery back on it and It failed two more times. Any ideas on how to get 4.2.2 that doesn't require a custom ROM? I want the phone stock. All three Gnex's had, before the two updated, the exact same Radios and kernels. Did this early Leak of 4.1.1 screw something up on the phone? Any help would be appreciated