Buccaneers head coach Raheem Morris

Here's a pro tip for all you aspiring sports reporters out there: If you use your phone to record postgame audio and leave it sitting at the lectern, be sure to take the ringer off -- especially if you're working any bucs games anytime soon.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers coach Raheem Morris was 6 minutes into his postgame presser when someone's Android smartphone sounded off. Looks like a Droid X or Droid X2 to us. If any of you beat writers are missing yours, you can have it back after practice Monday.

Source: Buccaneers.com; thanks, Etienne, for the tip!


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Reason No. 729 why we hate the 'Droooooid' ringtone: Postgame NFL press conferences


Lmao really at least put the tthing on silent they should be used to doing that by now. That's some promo VZW didn't have to pay for.

a douchebag really??? thats the best you could come up with? you white people need to learn proper cursing.

It would have been even funnier with my Christian Bale notification tone.

Morris: "Stats are for losers."

the whole droid marketing plan is just so... nerdy... i dont get how they expect to appeal to a wide market with those commercials

How would you change the Droid marketing plan to appeal to the widest possible audience? I mean, I doubt they sit around and think up how dopey and dumb they can make it.

The "DROID" Marketing is what most of the non techy consumer base calling Android phones "Droid" phones. That Marketing plan made Android Popular like it or not

The worst is when people tell me they have a droid and they have an Evo or something. Thats how the droid line up has screwed up androids name. Oh and Verizons phone line up is probly the worst line up ever.

But that is the brilliant marketing by Verizon. Typical consumers on all carriers are saying that they have "Droids" so when other typical consumers research their next phone purchase online, they are getting results for Verizon phones.

People don't choose Verizon for their phones, they come for the best network because what good is a great phone if you can't use it when you can't get a signal? But as far as their line up goes, I think their intention all along was to get the 4G network up first, then bring in the powerhouse phones & if you haven't noticed, that is happening right now with the Droid Bionic, HTC Vigor, rumored Nexus/Droid Prime, etc., that is starting to happen right now.

Judging by the millions of Android smartphones they have sold and how the average (non-techy) person refers to all Android phones as "Droids", I think it works.

Droooiiid tone or not, if that was a reporter's phone, whoever that was should have put their phone in silent mode. Professional common courtesy.

If he'd put it on silent, he never would have found his phone!!
Someone obviously lost it, and was calling their phone in order to track it down / hear where it was coming from.

It obviously worked! Haha

Phil, how could you forget that the Droid marketing is what made Android popular? Just the timeline about Android before and after the Droid is crazy and you know that very well.

firstly of all, its borderline blasphemous to say you hate the droooooid ringtone.
Secondly, if I had never heard of the Droid, I would have no clue what that noise was(other than it being some kind of ringtone) kinda says something that Morris recognized. Must be all that "nerdy" marketing that the professional football coach pays attention to.

Holy smokes some of you are uptight. Just loosen up a little and take the video for what it is worth. It's funny. The interviewee seemed to smile when it happened and there was a great reaction from everyone else. That is all this video is worth, it's comical.

I have a Droid X, and I used the "DROID" ringtone until I started feel like it was too pretentious. Like the people who wave around their iPhone because they're so proud of it, I was proud to be on the "DROID" side of things.

I cannot discredit it's market value, however. Like a previous comment said, regular people call Android-powered smartphones "Droids" because of the Verizon branding and marketing, regardless of their model or carrier, and it has been a big reason in Android's popularity stateside.

I thought it was cool for about the first week I had my OG now I wish I could remove it from my boot sequence on my X2. I hate it.